WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 21/10/2015

Asuka def. Billie Kay

Asuka opened the show with another win. I like her character. That psychotic smile will get her far. It feels naturally edgy and it actually marks a turning point in her behavior. Asuka switches to monster mode after that smile and the fans love it. What worries me about her is the language barrier. Without mic skills she’s lost in the WWE.

Also, couldn’t they have come up with a more original name for her finisher? The Asuka Lock? Really?

Billie Kay, on the other hand, can’t pride herself on an intriguing gimmick. She did a short pre-recorded promo but it was generic heel work. She’s so unnoticeable that I still struggle to differentiate between her and Peyton Royce.

Enzo & Big Cass def. Dash & Dawson

Enzo and Cass might have been written down as the victors but it was far from a happy ending for them. Enzo barely had any offence in the match. He was tortured for a bit until a desperate interference by Big Cass saved him and granted him a quick roll-up.

Dash and Dawson are getting a solid push. Many heels target specific body parts as a strategy but when Dash and Dawson do it, they don’t take their time. They are violent and brutal. It creates a great heel presence. However, any other team would have looked good with that booking. I’m not convinced that these two are the right people to be granted such an opportunity. We’ll see how they do in the following weeks.

James Storm def. Danny Burch

The NXT crowd went wild for James Storm. He got his debut win on the show to the sound of loud ovations.

The problem with James Storm is that he’ll end up just like Rhyno – there but in the midcard. Legendary names bring viewers but offer no future prospects.

Also, it has to be noted that this match was a slap in the face to TNA. Even though Storm had better chances there, he still picked NXT. That must have hurt.

Alexa Bilss def. Petyon Royce

Alexa Bliss is doing a good job a s a heel. She looks mean to the core. Knowing the fairy-like character she started with, it’s impressive how naturally she turned.

Alexa is the right choice for an opponent for Bayley. She’s great in the ring and she’s one of the remaining “veterans” in the women’s division on NXT.

Baron Corbin def. Rhyno

It’s Baron Corbin’s time. The WWE are trying to build him as an indestructible force. Even a full-speed Gore couldn’t hold him down for the three count.

I’m just not sure if this push isn’t coming somewhat too late. Corbin was mysterious when he first started. The fans loved his under 20s streak. Now he’s not a novelty anymore and his gimmick is too stereotypical. However, the End of Days is one awesome finisher. It can come out of nowhere, at any point and that’s what makes it great.

What are your impressions from WWE NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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