WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 22/10/2015

Seth Rollins def. Cesaro

With Rollins and Cesaro, opening SmackDown, it was no surprise that we were treated to some great wrestling. The Champ tried to walk off a couple of times but that didn’t hinder the quality of the fight. On the contrary, it actually added to it, as The Swiss Superman and The Architect fought outside the ring.

Both men did each other justice. In his cowardly gimmick Rollins often runs and hides, which makes him look weak, but paired up with Cesaro, both of them came off looking strong.

What I don’t understand is the Stardust Section. Obviously, Stardust is targeting Cesaro but it’s easy to forget, as Stardust does nothing but sit in the audience with the Ascension. I don’t see where this supposed feud is going. There are three of them and there’s one of Cesaro. How could this possibly turn out any good?

PCB/Team Bella

This was another cringe-worthy girls drama segment from PCB. Becky was trying to be confrontational but all she said sounded forced. Paige was just as fake as she’s expected to be in this character, which is way too much. And Charlotte was so sobby that it sounded utterly pathetic. Overall, whoever’s responsible for building these three’s personalities is absolutely off.

Team Bella are doing much better. Nikki and Brie complement each other very well. Equally annoying and always supportive of each other. The only problem there is that Alicia Fox couldn’t be more of a third wheel if she tried. She didn’t even have a microphone!

Nikki Bella def. Paige

This match was surprisingly enjoyable. Paige, as a heel, is much more aggressive in the ring and it suits her. When she goes wild, the crowd’s immediately sucked into the action.

Also, I’d like to give credit where it’s due, Nikki’s been doing unexpectedly well these days. You’d think that she’d lose importance once she’s not a champion any more but she didn’t. Nikki’s been on a mission to prove that she’s just as dominant without the title. She’s never been as confident in the ring as she’s now.

Miz TV

Miz always promises a blockbuster but he’s never delivered the way he did last night. At first, when Ziggler came out, dressed in black and acted relatively friendly to the Miz, I thought he’d be turning heel. However, I wasn’t prepared for what was coming next.

Tyler Breeze. Tyler Breeze on SmackDown. This was absolutely jaw-dropping. It came out of the blue and it was beautiful. I’ll excuse Prince Pretty for using his selfie stick to rip off the clutch to the throat attack by Rusev because his presence only completely changed the atmosphere.

The crowd went crazy. There were NXT and BREEZE IS GORGEOUS chants; absolutely brilliant reception! However, I can’t help but fear the future for Breeze. His type of character could flop badly on the main roster and I would definitely not want to see that.

Sheamus & Barrett def. The Lucha Dragons

Forget the match, this is one interesting stable forming! Sheamus and Barrett are an obviously good pairing. Their in-ring styles are very close. Rusev added to that makes them unique. He looks so uncomfortable and looks so out of place but actually fits so well. It’s really a strange, strange group but I like it. It could be great for all three of them.

The match was good. Kalisto wrestles for two and he’s everywhere. However, three were too many for him. Rusev was the X factor. He pushed Barrett out of the way to save him. And Barrett and Sheamus continue securing each other’s wins.

Ryback def. BO Dallas

Bo declared he wanted to accept Cena’s challenge on Sunday and started butchering the anthem when Ryback stormed out to stop him.

The Big Guy’s never looked that good in the ring. Kevin Owens lit the fire in him. The intensity Ryback invests in his matches recently is infectious. I wasn’t even that upset over him squashing Bo Dallas yet again.

Kevin Owens backstage calmly delivered a promo that once again proved that arrogance fits him like a glove. He deserves to be the IC champion for a long time.

Ambrose & Reigns def. The New Day

The New Day were one man down, which didn’t stop them from dominating the first half of the match. It somehow still felt as if they had the numbers advantage.

The Dudley Boyz showed up to prevent the New Day from escaping the match when things went south. I expected the end for the WWE’s Beacons of Positivity to come immediately after that but it was preceded by a great sequence of explosive moves by Ambrose and Reigns.

After the match, Bray Wyatt popped up on the megatron. His promo was short and sweet. With two sentences he had already gained the momentum he needed, going into HIAC. This is the true power of Bray Wyatt.

What are your impressions from this week’s SD? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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