WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 29/10/2015

Bray Wyatt

Since this was the Halloween edition of SmackDown, it was only natural that Bray Wyatt would open it. He set a challenge for anyone who’d be willing to face his disciples at the end of the show.

Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens

Reigns was out, delivering yet another recap of his difficult journey in and out of the main event picture. Kevin Owens’ interruption was well welcomed.

The match leaned in Owens’ favour for most of the time. Reigns was outwrestled, overpowered and genuinely pressed in a corner. However, he managed to kick out at 2 ½ a few times and delivered a number of surprise and effective superman punches.

In the end, Owens chose to run. It might have looked like a better option, compared to a second clean loss in a row but the WWE has to stop going back to this WALK, OWENS, WALK gimmick. This is the Intercontinental Champion! That, at least, should grant Owens some decent booking.

Also, I’d like to mention that the crowd reactions sounded more fake than ever. It started during Reigns’ promo and kept going till the end of the show. It is more distracting than anything else.

The Lucha Dragons def. The Ascension, The Dudley Boyz & Barrett& Shamus

Ok, the action in the ring must have been very entertaining, I’m sure, but I was so distracted by the New Day, impersonating different cartoon characters on commentary and talking over each other that I couldn’t follow what was happening in the match itself.

Despite Big E and Kofi’s best attempts to distract, I still noticed a few things. The Lucha Dragons and the Dudleys seemed to have some sort of a partnership. They helped each other with no regard to which one of them would win.

The Dudleys vs.Barrett & Sheamus provided some good action. I’d actually want to see a feud between them.

The Ascension were a bit lost but their chemistry with the Lucha Dragons was still there. Sin Cara had his moment of glory for once. He’s usually in the shadow of Kalisto, who by the way, won the match with a spectacular SDS from outside the ring back to the inside.

Also, Rusev was nowhere to be seen. Would that mean that the European trio is over? I hope not. It looked like a cool idea to me.

Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz

Ha! The Miz was actually wrestling! However, by the time I managed to properly get happy about it, he was already being drowned in a bucket with apples and was getting a pumpkin kicked off his head.

The A-lsiter did his best in the dire situation provided. He used as much aggression as he could and he didn’t shy away from using more practical weapons, such as the steps, the announce table and a kendo stick.

By the end of the match, Dolph was selling a fake injury but he still managed to steal one from the Miz.

Tyler Breeze wasn’t impressed and came out to launch a post-match attack on the Show Off. I don’t see how this is going to help Prince Pretty make a name for himself on the main roster. Ziggler is a midcarder and even though they will probably have great matches, Breeze will soon get lost, alongside Adam Rose, Bo Dallas and Neville

BO Dallas/ Dean Ambrose

Speaking about Bo,while Ambrose was on a quest to finding volunteers to join him in a fight against the Wyatts, Bo spent the night, trying to scare people, dressed as a bed sheet ghost.

The Inspirational One finally succeeded in scaring Mark Henry and ended up re-enacting the “Don’t scare a black guy” viral video from a few years ago. I wonder if the Creative expected the fans to remember that.

Paige def. Natalya

Natalya apparently doesn’t know who attacked her and I think we might never find out.

Paige attacked Nattie as the first bell was still ringing. Those heel tactics only infuriated Natalya and she overpowered Paige. However, Team B.A.D. distracted Nattie and as a result, she lost.

After the match Team B.A.D. attacked Natlaya. They are acting as heels again. I was starting to think they were turning face. I wonder where Charlotte and Becky were. When they had trouble Natalya helped them out but they weren’t available when she needed them.

Del Rio def. R-Truth

Zeb Colter cut another ludicrous promo on MexAmerica, while Del Rio was making his way to the ring. This storyline is horrible and it’s so Donald Trump that it hurts.

R-Truth didn’t get the chance to fight. Del Rio attacked him in the back in the very begging and Truth couldn’t come back from that. In the end, Del Rio only capitalized on a very one-sided match.

I hate what the WWE is doing to Del Rio. This gimmick makes a mockery out of him.

Harper, Rowan & Strowman def. Ambrose, Ryback & Cesaro

I was interested in seeing the Strowman vs. Ryback collision. It seemed like Strowman was getting the upper hand but the margin was very, very small. When the Big Guy drove the Black Sheep through the table, I was absolutely sold on a match between these two.

Ambrose tried to be everywhere and fight everybody but it wasn’t enough. Cesaro brought out his amazing arsenal once again but the numbers game caught up to him. Strowman tossed the entire announce table, which distracted the ref and Bray got involved, causing Cesaro the match.

It was expected that the Wyatts wouldn’t lose. The WWE’s building them up now. I don’t know where that would lead but I’d like to know and that’s good.

I don’t understand why Ambrose is still on his own, fighting windmills, or the entire Wyatt Family, if you will. Aren’t there really any other things the WWE could use him for?

What are your impressions from WWE Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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