WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 04/11/2015

Asuka def. Cameron

Cameron’s back and she might have improved. She seemed to move fine in the ring but then again she was being thrown around by Asuka for the larger part of this match.

Asuka was amazing. She moves from a combination to a combination so quickly ans smoothly that Cameron had no time for reaction.

I sincerely hope that when Asuka gets called up to the main roster, the language barrier won’t hold her back.

Carmella/Dash & Wilder/ Vaudevillains

Dash and Wilder found Carmella backstage and used the opportunity to rub their victory in her face. Then they sent a wheelchair to the Vaudevillains, who weren’t the least bit intimidated.

It’s a shame that the Vaudeviallians’ reign has been so uneventful. Their way to the top was long and hard and they deserve a more competitive environment to show off how good they are.

Bull Dempsey def. Angelo Dawkins

Bull squashed Dawkins and the crowd loved it. The point of the match, I believe, was to get Dawkins and Fulton to split up. The WWE must have something new in store for them.

Eva Marie def. ???

It is just sad when the so called “local competitor” is obviously miles ahead of the “superstar”. Eva Marie looked slow and clumsy, compared to this girl.

Yes, Eva has improved and she is much more confident in the ring but she remains talentless and her push is still as baffling, as it was in the beginning.

Apollo Crews vs. Finn Balor (no contest)

Finn and Apollo had a good competitive match but the face vs. face setting meant that there was no real heat. For most of the match they were both very cautious. Things had just started to get heated when Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe rushed in the ring and attacked them.

It was no surprise that Corbin inserted himself in the title picture. It’s been a long way coming. As for Joe’s turn – well, finally! He’d been getting heat for some time now, despite being face. Tyler Breeze was the fan favourite in their match, although Prince Pretty was the heel. Now, at least, Finn Balor has two hungry, dangerous heels after his title. Things are about to get exciting!

What are your impressions from WWE NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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