WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 05/11/2015

Del Rio def. Neville

Del Rio’s gimmick is so ridiculous that it hurts. The WWE’s not only trying to pass on the foreign heel gimmick but it’s doing it while making a partnership with Mexico look like a terrible idea. Now Zeb Colter has issued a war on…the Europeans?

The match was nice. Del Rio and Neville are both extremely talented. If we disregard the storyline, the fight was enjoyable.

After he won Del Rio came back to torture Neville and that’s when Swagger stepped in. I’ve never seen the Real American look so good. Swagger was intimidating enough but not over the top. He had justice on his side. This will be an amazing rivalry.

In the long run, Swagger might benefit from Del Rio’s terrible MexAmerica gimmick but Mexico’s greatest export will possibly suffer.  I hope it won’t last long.

The Usos def. The Ascension

The Usos’return match was also the Ascension’s first good match in a while.  The energy was great. The crowd was firmly behind Jimmy and Jey but Konnor and Viktor also made their presence known. Just hearing them growl during a fight gets the hair on my neck to stand up. There is so much wasted potential in the Ascension.

The Wyatt Family def. The Lucha Dragons & PTP

Despite this being a clean sweep for the Wyatt Family, the match wasn’t a squash. PTP and the Lucha Dragons both had their moments to shine. Once again, despite all the great moves used in the match, Kalisto managed to top them all up and outshine everybody. This man has some serious talent.

The Wyatts are on such a roll that it would be hard to see where it all ends. The talk about the Brothers of Destruction coming back with some back up sounds ludicrous but possibly necessary for the Wyatts to be defeated.

Ryback def. King Barrett

What was that?! Right when I was starting to think that Barrett and Sheamus were about to shine, at least as a team, Barrett got squashed by Ryback. And for what purpose? Squash matches won’t make Ryback look any better and he’s not being built towards anything substantial at the moment. Such a terrible booking for Barrett!

Natalya def. Tamina

Natalya facilitated the breakup of PCB and now she’s trying to destroy Team B.A.D. from the inside. She challenged the leader of the group, expecting to cause a rift between Naomi and Sasha, but ended up wrestling Tamina instead.

Tamina vs. Natalya was a good match. They both have strength-based style, so I enjoyed watching them square off. However, too many distractions from Naomi and the Boss took away from the actual fight. In the end, Natalya stole one and left Team B.A.D. frustrated.

I’m struggling to remember the last time Tamina won, or at least the last time she was in a tag match that she didn’t take the pin in. It’s sad how the one true power house in the division is being used as a useless henchman.

Kevin Owens def. Dean Ambrose /DQ/

This was the match I couldn’t wait to see and it didn’t disappoint. The action moved from the ring to the outside and back. The atmosphere was great and the Lunatic Fringe was doing quite well. However, Owens faked being low blowed and got Ambrose DQ-ed.

Regardless of the result, the rivalry has begun. Ambrose attacked Owens after the match and asserted himself as a threat to the champion. The backstage promo he cut after that only fueled the intensity of the feud.

The battles between these two will be epic both on the mic and in the ring. I cannot wait for their verbal clashes. We’ll get some gold there!

What are your impressions form WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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