WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 09/11/2015

Triple H/ Roman Reigns

This was the scene where the devil offers the world to the hero in exchange for his soul. Roman Reigns denied being corrupted and the crowd booed him for that. This confirmed Triple H’s worlds – you’ll never be liked by everybody and people will criticize you no matter what. This is particularly true for Reigns, regardless of his booking, he’ll always be the one to hate for some reason.

The most obvious path of this tournament leads to another Shield face off. This time round, however, either Ambrose, or Reigns will have to turn. The expected outcome will be heel Ambrose, which is not necessarily a bad thing, although it will painfully destroy the last remains of the Shield.

Roman Reigns def. The Big Show

The match was longer than what I expected. It was entirely designed to make Roman question his decision to reject Triple H’s offer.

Big Show wasn’t joking around. He gave Reigns a beating and it was only Roman’s fighting spirit that helped him pull out a surprise victory combination in the end.

The question here is – how long can Reigns remain true to his principles in the face of all adversity and with the WWE Universe hell bent on putting him down.

Kevin Owens def. Titus O’Neil

Owens won and that was to be expected, knowing the difference of their positions on the card. However, Titus was impressive in the ring. He’s so rarely in a match that it’s easy to forget just how strong and dangerous he is.

Owens is finally winning matches the way he should. He fought till the end and pulled off the pop-up power bomb out of nowhere. It was a statement on the part of the IC champion and it reached its audience.

By the way, Owens gave everyone a lesson on how to be a heel. Going to England and opening with a a jab at the Royal Family takes some guts.

Becky Lynch def. Paige

On paper, this should have been a dream match for an UK audience. That’s England vs. Ireland. However, the crowd was pretty much dead, occasionally chanting for Sasha. Then again, the audience yesterday was very disappointing in general.

The fight went mostly in Paige’s favour. However, Becky hung on and so the Brit tried to cheat. This decision came back to bite her, as Becky reversed the move and cheated herself.

The outcome didn’t matter, as Paige still went after her former PCB friend, getting Charlotte’s attention in the process.

It’s sad that the crowd’s turning on Paige when she’s finally embracing her natural heel side. It’s also a shame that Charlotte’s been presented as such a stereotypical face diva. This feud could have been great but it falls flat because of the clumsy character-building.

Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz

The match was all Miz but Dolph won. The crowd was dead and it didn’t help the atmosphere. Despite the lack of heat, Dolph and Miz have chemistry and their matches are quite good. Those guys are under appreciated.

For some reason, Miz vs. Dolph always makes me sad. Those are two guys who give all for the business but are infinitely stuck in the midcard or below. And yet, they still scratch and claw to get a shot at anything.

Del Rio/Colter

Del Rio and Zeb Colter were out there dishing out some more of their nonsense. The only thing that would have made that segment bearable would have been an interruption by Swagger. However, the Real American wasn’t there and the crowd had to sit through yet another boring, pointless promo by the MexAmericans.

The WWE must really hold a grudge against Del Rio, if they got him stuck with this outrageously stupid gimmick from the beginning. Such a waste of time and talent!

Natalya def. Naomi

Natalya’s still on her quest of defeating the 3-piece Team B.A.D. on her own. Ridiculously, she actually is quite successful, taking down yet another member of B.A.D.

In the end, even Sasha couldn’t get the upper hand. It took the entire Team B.A.D. to put away Natalya. I wonder if this is a push for Nattie or simply a burial for B.A.D. Sadly, it’s probably the latter.

Cesaro def. Sheamus

No one cared about Cesaro vs. Sheamus. The match was very slow-paced and it barely got exciting by the end. The attention was directed at Barrett, who had a slap fest with Wayne Rooney at ringside.

The Barrett/Rooney segment has been building up since last year. The WWE won’t reject any chance of main stream popularity.

No one even paid attention to the fact that Sheamus should have never been in that match. He is Mr. MITB, why give him a place on the tournament? The spot should have gone to Barrett.

Dean Ambrose def. Tyler Breeze

It was Breeze’s RAW debut and it was an entertaining match. Having seen Ziggler advance, I had some hopes that Prince Pretty would win. However, the WWE seems to be going with Ambrose vs. Reigns at Survivor Series.

Tyler is not just good, he’s great in the ring. He never realized his full potential on NXT and now it seems like his chances of breaking the glass ceiling on the main roster are almost nonexistent.

Then again, I can see why the WWE would go with Ambrose vs. Reigns. They are both established superstars and they have such a long history together that a feud between them is guaranteed to be heated. Also, this sort of golden promos can come from the Lunatic Fringe only:

The New Day def. Neville & The Usos

Ah, the New Day. I missed the New Day in their full power. These three have long pre-match segments in every show and the crowd still wants more.

The match was fun to watch. There was enough personality and high-flying to get the adrenaline pumping. The crowd was still half-dead but it’s somewhat of an improvement for that lot.

The New Day had to run interferences, throw a trombone in the ring, distract the referee, get Big E in to help, plus hang on the ropes, in order to win, They outdid themselves this time, but it’s all acceptable, since the match was a tribute to the all-mighty Unicorn Team Captain Seth Rollins.

Wyatt’s Eulogy

The segment was out of this world, quite literally. The Brothers of Destruction rose to face the Eater of Worlds and his flock. Kane and Taker even came on top of this situation.

In a way, it’s thrilling to have such a throw-back, supernatural storyline in today’s Reality Era. However, it is a bit unfair that Bray Wyatt always gets involved in rivalries that he has no chance of winning.

What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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