WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 12/11/2015

The Wyatt Family

This was a good attempt at giving all Wyatt Family members a character. They all had mic time and delivered some lines. However, it’s painfully noticeable that no one even comes close to Bray Wyatt when it comes to delivering a promo. He’s on a different level.

The Wyatts set a challenge for the Brothers of Destruction. I assume Bray and Strwoman will be the two facing Taker and Kane. However, if the Wyatts are set for a failure, Bray won’t be in the match. He needs t stay protected in this.

Braun Strowman def. Fandango

After the Wyatt’s promo there was some poor excuse of a match between a seemingly suicidal Fandango and dead-set-on-squashing-people Braun Strowman.

I think Fandnago got to appear on TV for the first time in so long because the WWE remembered that UK crowds love Fandangoing, or should I say “loved” when it was a thing.

It’s depressing to see Fandango so forgotten. The man has passion for the business and has worked well in all his characters. He deserves better. Sadly, I need to write this sentence on most of my reviews for different superstars.

Neville def. Barrett

This was my favourite match of the tournament so far. I love the pairing of Barrett and Neville. There’s something appealing in the clash between Barrett’s gritty, brawling style and Neville’s incredible speed and agility.

Both men did their best to make the other one look good. The impression given was that Barrett lost, only because he was preoccupied with boasting.

The Owens vs. Neville face-off will see next will be pure beauty, if we judge by their matches on NXT. Let’s not forget that when Owens was absolutely indestructible in NXT, Neville was the first one to crack his armor and put him on the defense.


Oh, poor Barrett! One loss just wasn’t enough for him. He stayed around to complain about Rooney and got the Undertaker instead. As a result, Barrett found himself at the receiving end of a chokeslam and a couple of tombstones.

Proprs to Barrett, he didn’t look the least bit intimidated in the presence of the Phenom and delivered a strong promo. Then again, Taker was too slow and his presence was anything but threatening. The crowd was dead.

Kalisto def. Ryback

I wanted to see this match because I have big hopes for Kalisto. I’ve always said that if there’s a Latin American wrestler, who could fill in the void left by Mysterio, that’s Kalisto and he proved it last night.

Ryback was seriously frustrated by Kalisto, who just wouldn’t give up. He was everywhere, coming up with all sorts of innovative offense, which is what got him the victory in the end.

I wondered if Ryback would be upset enough to turn heel. He had all the energy to back up a turn towards brutality and aggression, but he chose to remain face.

Del Rio def. Stardust

This segment was boring from beginning to end. Del Rio and Zeb Colter’s collaboration is one of the worst ideas the WWE’s had recently.

The match had no energy to it. It had nothing to do with the wrestling though. It’s just that Del Rio’s rubbish gimmick and Stardust’s nonexistent heat led to zero response from the fans.

Kalisto vs. Del Rio will be interesting. It would be the first time this MexAmerican has met a Mexican in the ring. If Swagger hadn’t gotten involved with Del Rio already, I’d have thought that Kalisto would have won, giving the luchador a shot at a solo run and possibly the US title.

Roman Reigns

I rarely discuss short backstage promos in my reviews but this one deserves attention. Reigns’ mountain parallel was good and this was one of his best promos so far. If he can keep delivering like that, the fans’ perception of him might change.

The Usos def. Harper & Rowan /via DQ/

I didn’t expect the Usos to look so good in the match. Despite Harper and Rowan looking indestructible, Jimmy and Jey brought in fresh energy and beautiful wrestling. As a result, Bray was forced to cause a DQ to prevent a straight loss.

After the match the Wyatts, aided by the numbers’ game, decimated the Usos. The Brothers of Destruction had no intention to play saviors so they just responded with a pre-recorded audio message.

To be fair, I’m more excited about having the Usos back in the division than I am about the Waytts and the Brothers of Destruction. It’s a storyline going nowhere. Bray will be buried again in the name of characters that have no future.

What are your impressions from WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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