WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 16/11/2015

The Brothers of Destruction/ Wyatt Family

This was a nice throwback segment. Taker talking about the undead and the power of evil feels so detached from the entire atmosphere of the WWE nowadays.

Bray is amazing on the mic, hands down. That stunt with the flock of hooded sheep was a bit useless though. They served no purpose because they weren’t the least bit intimidating, so Kane and Taker tossing them around didn’t do anything but make Bray and his “forces” look weak.

This is the best that could have been done with this badly timed rivalry.

Kevin Owens def. Neville

What. A. Match! I hadn’t seen neither Owens, nor Neville look that good since the left NXT. The speed, the timing and the amount of wrestling skill needed to pull off that match were insane.

Owens won clean but that match did wonders for Neville too. This is the quality fights we could have, if the right people are booked to do the right things.

Owens was the first superstar HHH approached last night. The scouting is on. However, knowing Owens already has a title, it won’t be him.

Tyler Breeze def. R-Truth

The match was short and uneventful. Breeze will have to go the hard way unfortunately.

The creative are trying to overexpose the Prince Pretty character. Breeze doesn’t need lip balm during the match. He can pull it off but if that’s the highlight of the segment it is over the top. His wrestling should do the talking, just like in NXT.

Once Ziggler is finally done with the championship tournament, his feud with The Gorgeous One can continue. Hopefully, the Creative won’t turn it into a circus. The matches could be quite good.

Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler

This match went back and forth the whole time. It was simply beautiful. Ambrose and Ziglger had counters to the counters of each other’s counters, as Ambrose himself would say.

Interestingly, The Lunatic Fringe was getting quite upset. He got angry and aggressive at times, although it was a face vs. face match. That, paired with the fact that he won with a small package last time and that it will most probably be Reigns and Ambrose in the finals, my money is on a heel turn for Ambrose.

This segment was way too suspicious. Friendships in wrestling never last forever.

New Day def. Ryback and the Usos

The New Day celebrated their one year anniversary. They also claimed responsibility for Jey’s WM injury. Usually, segments like these could be a drag but the New Day’s high-pitched screaming was ridiculous enough to get the audience laughing.

In the match itself, the Usos took a lot of punishment while Ryback eagerly waited to get in as the hot tag. The ref, however, missed the tag and Ryback lost his patience, causing mayhem and a DQ.

This seems to be shifting towards the Usos vs. New Day feud. If the New Day are dropping the titles to anyone at this point, it would be the Usos.

Roman Reigns def. Cesaro

Triple H tried to buy Cesaro before the match but he didn’t seem to have any luck there. Anyway, the Swiss Superman wasn’t going to win, so HHH didn’t lose anything.

At first, I thought the match was below the level of the previous two quarter final matches. Then Cesaro evaded a Drive By to turn into a Swing, which lead to a Sharp Shooter, which transformed into a Cross face. That combination won me over and the pace change completely.

At times, it genuinely felt as if Cesaro was going to win. However, Reigns was booked to be at Survivor Series before the tournament even came to be, so there was no way he was actually getting eliminated.

The Duddley Boyz def. The Ascension

The Ascension keep jobbing to everyone. The match was about 5 min long. The audience couldn’t care less and the Duddleyz got a victory that means nothing.

Alberto Del Rio def. Kalisto

The match was the weakest out of all four quarter final face-offs. It wasn’t a bad match but it wasn’t on the same level as the rest, either.  Kalisto was impressive, I have to note. He deserves a solo run because his wrestling is beautiful.

Triple H moved on to negotiating with Del Rio and Del Rio was heel enough to look happy about it. However, much like Owens, Del Rio has no chance. There is no way someone will hold two championships at the same time so soon after Rollins did it.

Paige/Charlotte Contract Signing

This was a good contract signing. At first, when Charlotte started sobbing AGAIN, I was beginning to lose all hope. Then things got personal. Maybe even too personal but it was all worth it.

The animosity between the two felt real and the brawl looked mean. For once the divas delivered a contract signing that made the rivalry. Yes, Paige could hardly hold back her tears because the topic was delicate and yes, a reference to a lost family member might have been a step too far but it got a reaction.This segment might have simply saved the feud.


What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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