WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 18/11/2015

Nia Jax def. Carmella

Carmella has grown on me but her mic skills are still atrocious. Every time I hear her talk I miss Enzo dearly and that’s a statement I never thought I’d make under any circumstances.

Nia Jax met her first ever real challenge on NXT. The Bear Hug came a bit too early but Carmella showed some skills. Her counters were well placed and well executed.

Nia won and yet I’m not sold on her. She’ll need to go through a lengthier match against someone of Sasha Banks’or Bayley’s quality to impress me.

Gable& Jordan def. The Ascension

Gable and Jordan are officially my favourtie team on NXT at the moment. Gable is a pure ball of personality. The crowd couldn’t decide whether they were more excited to see Gable in the ring or the return of the NXT Universe’s beloved Ascension.

It was a great piece of tag team wrestling. Perfect timing, great storytelling between the ropes and amazing wrestling. I couldn’t fault either team.

Jordan and Gable are destined to become the next NXT champions. The Ascension, on the other hand, don’t seem to be on a road to greatness. They’ve been completely neglected on the main roster and it’s total injustice.

Emma def. ???

The lady Emma faced looked like an Amazon. Her movements were jerky and it gave hare a nutcase aura. At least, she made an impression.

However, the match was mostly Emma. She dictated the pace and dominated the action. This aggression of hers makes the upcoming match against Asuka look a bit more exciting.

In a backstage segment, Dana Brooke challenged Asuka to a match but it seemed as if it was a trap coordinated with Emma. The development of that we’ll see next week. Maybe Dana will make herself useful this time.

Dash & Dawson def. Hollis & Skyler

Dash and Dawson faced a team of two unknown guys who stood no chance. The match was boring and slow. The torture technique Dash and Dawson use gets old quickly.

It’s a shame that the Vaudevillains never had the glorious run they deserved and that they had to drop the titles to a heel team that has very little steam.

Bayley def. Alexa Bliss

After a couple of prematch promos Alexa and Bayley met in the ring. The fight seemed to go Bliss’way. She dominated the champion, despite all the support from the crowd.

In the end of the day, Alexa’s cockiness cost her the match. She was too busy bullying Baylet to pay attention and got caught.

What followed was truly cringe-worthy. Eva Marie came out to formally announce her interest in the title. The audience, however, wasn’t having any of it. They booed her out of the building. Eva, who’s naturally a disaster on the microphone, couldn’t focus at all and her promo fell apart, losing any effect it could have had. Even Bayley felt bad for her.

If a talented wrestler, such as Bayley, has to drop the NXT Women’s championship to that poor excuse of a fighter Eva Marie, NXT’s credibility will take a huge blow. I’d advise the Creative to rethink that that decision before they go through with it.


What are your impressions from WWE NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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