WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 19/11/2015

Miz TV

Miz TV was a bit random but fairly entertaining. Neither the faces, nor the heels had any sympathy for the host, except may be Dean Ambrose but then again, he did knock the Miz out.

I like the little budding of heads between Del Rio and Owens. If they were to ever feud, Owens would be so over with the crowd.

R-Truth’s random appearance wasn’t very original. He’s “mistakenly” cut a title promo before. However, it got a reaction. The fans find mad Truth entertaining. The WWE should capitalize on it. The Awesome Truth seems like a good idea once again.

Cesaro def. The Miz

The A-Lister’s complaining before the match probably took longer than the match itself. The Miz tried to catch Cesaro off guard but it didn’t work and the Swiss Superman swiftly locked a Crossface for the victory.

The little stare down between Cesaro and Stardust on the ramp means that Stardust is in fact still somehow interested in Cesaro. However, this feud has been nothing but hinted for a couple of months now. The time to act it out has long passed. Let alone the pointlessness of having a team of three target a single superstar.

The Duddley Boyz & Neville def. Stardust & The Ascension

What made that Cesaro/Stardust segment even more pointless was the fact that the Cosmic Wasteland couldn’t even get a victory.

Neville vs. Stardust is not a rivalry on focus but it still remains open and it probably will forever. If the WWE had booked it better from the beginning, it could have been meaningful.

The Ascension have been so crippled on the main roster that from being the best team on NXT, they fell to being useless even as henchmen. What a disgrace!

Tyler Breeze def. Zack Ryder

One would wonder why Ryder was even in this. Breeze and Summer made some jokes about Dolph’s male attributes. In return, he occupied their VIP lounge to annoy them.

Ryder had no chance and saw almost no action. He got defeated in zero time, despite all distractions and there was no time to even assimilate his loss, as Ziggler ran in and attacked Tyler Breeze.

The only way of making the fans care about this feud or Prince Pretty’s character is to allow him to wrestle longer matches. Dolph is a great choice of an opponent but these fights need to be given screen time and fewer restrictions. The fans will appreciate it.

The Wyatt Family

This exchange between the Wyatts and the Brothers of Destruction was centered on the symbolism of the druids. However, the fans couldn’t care less. The cloaked people never had any meaning attached to them. They’ve always been regarded more as props than as human beings, so that didn’t work well at all.

Also, I have the feeling that I’m watching Taker vs. Bray Wyatt 2.0. The Wyatt Family members and Kane are somewhere far in the background.

Charlotte def. Brie

That match could not have possibly topped the contract signing segment on RAW. It was an average fight with no importance whatsoever and it should have never happened.

The clash between Paige and Charlotte over the insensitive dead brother comment was the most heated these two could get, so the SmackDown segment was out of place and without a purpose.

Big E def. Kalisto

The New Day cut a promo on the suspected conspiracy against them because they were unhappy that they never were in the WWE Title Tournament. However, can you actually picture three men, being The Champion at the same time? That definitely would be a first.

The match against Kalisto was entirely defined by the numbers’ game. Kalisto was more interested in saving Sin Cara, who was being attacked on the outside, than he was in winning the match. As a result, Big E caught him unprepared and won.

And that was that for the possible Kalisto push. For a moment, during the tournament, I had some hopes that the best luchador the WWE has at the moment will get a solo run and a chance at a championship (possibly Del Rio’s) but these ideas were burnt to the ground very quickly.

Ambrose & Reigns def. Del Rio & Owens /DQ/

No one could get a clean victory here. It’s obvious enough that we’ll have Ambrose vs. Reigns in the finals.  A DQ was the most they could get at this stage.

Realistically, Kevin Owens would do the best as a heel WWE World Heavyweight Champion. However, the Ambrose vs. Reigns story is already written and prepared. It needs no build up, so it naturally is the easy way out.

Last time Ambrose and Reigns faced each other for Seth’s belt, their friendship didn’t break. The difference is that last time, there were heels involved. Now, a new heel is needed.

Unless the Authority comes up with an entirely new Chosen one to screw them both, one is turning heel. Have you noticed that the only semifinalist we didin’t see Triple H try to recruit on camera is Dean Ambrose?


What are your impressions from WWE Smack Down? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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