WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 25/11/2015

Contract Signing

It was one strange night at NXT, influenced by the Authority and kicked off by Michael Cole.

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe delivered a strong contract signing segment.

Joe signing and walking off while Finn’s yelling at him to look him in the eyes was a very powerful moment. There was no need for lengthy promos. That short moment told the entire story.

Joe attacked Balor afterwards and despite the champion’s attempts to fight back, Joe made him pass out again. It was yet another strong moment in the story. It shows the heart of the champ falling to the power of injustice. Brilliant storytelling by the NXT team!

Dash & Dawson def. The Vaudevillains

Obviously, Dash and Dawson retained. It was to be expected. What mattered was that English and Gtoch came out looking strong. They delivered and only a tag they didn’t see cost them the titles.

The post-match attack by Enzo and Big Cass came as a treat to the fans. The energy blew the roof off the building. They are such a popular and charismatic team. They deserve a shot at the title.

Sadly, Enzo and Cass, being the first challengers for Dash and Dawson, most probably will fail to get the titles. I’d imagine Gable and Jordan will win them. It’s not a bad thing. Gable’s personality makes their team invaluable. However, it is unfair that Enzo and Big Cass will be jumped once again.

Elias Samson – The Drifter

This was the best promotional video I’ve seen in ages. I can play it over and over again. Samson has an unbelievable voice and the song reminds me of True Detective Season 1 opening theme. Chilling and dark with a deeper meaning. I loved it.

The symbolism was strong in this one. The lyrics hint at different champions who held the NXT title:  “The Man” – Seth Rollins; “Gravity” – Neville, “lost his friends and got redemption” – Sami Zayn, “KO-ed his heart” –Kevin Owens, “The Demon”- Finn Balor. It ends with “what it needs is what I am”, suggesting the Drifter will be looking for a shot at the championship.

I’m excited about the amount of thought and skills put in this video. If Elias’ character is anywhere near the quality of the video, he’ll have a great future.

Asuka vs. Dana Brooke

Emma and Dana Brooke had set up Asuka for a sneak attack. Eventually, it worked and Emma got the upper hand. However, none of this makes Emma more of a threat to Asuka in a real match.

Apollo Crews def. Jesse Sorenson

The entire match was a power display for Apollo Crews, setting up for his promo to Baron Corbin.

Crews is incredibly gifted as an athlete. I can’t imagine the amount of work he must have put in to perform the way he does. However, I’m still waiting for a character to appear somewhere there. I don’t think he has a personality yet.

Corbin is a missed opportunity. I think the WWE should have pushed him long time ago. It’s a bit overdue now and people don’t care as much.

Bayley def. Eva Marie

This match left the WWE Universe wondering “What did I just watch?!”

I had the feeling that this was a piece of RAW cut out and placed on a NXT tape by mistake. Eva was utterly useless, as usual. She did take a solid bump off the top rope though.

Nia Jax was tossing referees around. The Authority had sent a special ref to aid Eva. The entire match was such a circus! However, Bayley managed to retain (thank the wrestling gods!).

This match was a horrible idea that goes against everything that NXT stands for. The WWE should refrain from doing things like this again.


What are your impressions from WWE NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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