WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 26/11/2015

Roman Reigns/ Sheamus

Roman talked about his childhood with the Usos and it was an alright promo. However, Sheamus’ speech followed and it blew Reigns’ off.

I had forgotten how fun Sheamus is as a heel. He was so excited about his promo that I couldn’t help but laugh. He lost his breath and possibly his voice delivering it. The new champ eared is Boos; he was brilliant.

Roman Reigns tried to make things serious again after that with a threatening promo, regarding TLC. Unfortunately, compared to Sheamus’ over the top delivery, Reigns’ fell flat.

I want to see more of Sheamus as a champion. He can be funny. I hope his reign doesn’t end at TLC.

The Dudley Boyz def. The Wyatt Family /via DQ/

Actually, the Duddleys did great. I’ve never seen anyone else handle Braun Strowman the way they did. Devon and Bubba properly had his number, which is why the Wyatts intervened and caused a DQ.

I find it a bit pointless to have the Duddleys go for a table midmatch, knowing that they are face and that they’d get DQ-ed if they did, so the heels have to then jump in to cause a DQ first.

I have no idea what the WWE Creative is trying to do with the Wyatt Family. Right now, instead of being the most dominant faction in the WWE, the Wyatts are a group of Hillbillies barely scraping to win anything.

Paige def. Becky Lynch

Paige spent most of the match arguing and hiding. Becky couldn’t properly get into her usual fast pace. Overall, the entire segment was there only to showcase how heel Paige is.

Paige is a good heel. The problem is that the WWE Universe is getting bored of her. Then again, I guarantee you that if Becky was to get a shot tomorrow,  the crowd would say she was overrated, bad on the mic and boring in the ring. Such is the nature of the wrestling fans, unfortunately.

Thanksgiving Party

When I see one of those “funny” segments, I already know that something equally “funny” will happen in a match the same night.  That thought despairs me.

The New Day made this one watchable. The New Day are naturally funny. However, hosting a jobber party with the Ascension and Sasha Banks there is very, very sad.

Swagger def. Del Rio /via DQ/

Del Rio and Swagger finally got their hands on each other. The Real American showed some real determination. He ran over the champion without breaking a sweat.

The use of the chair was only to hint a chairs match for the title at TLC. Chairs matches aren’t particularly exciting, or at least they haven’t been recently. They could do with some innovation.

The Lucha Dragons def. The New Day

And here came the dreaded “funny” match of the night. The fight was going as usual with the New Day getting what they want via the numbers game. However, in the end, the turkey mascot, who was supposed to be Xavier Woods screwed them out of a victory.

After the match, we had to sit through a charade with Woods being dragged out, tied up in his underwear and getting beat up by four men. How does anybody find this funny is beyond me. Tasteless.

Ambrose def. Ziggler & Breeze

This was a match between three great personalities, who also happen to be awesome wrestlers, with Kevin Owens on commentary. It was pure gold!

The action was fast paced and there wasn’t a moment of boredom in the entire segment. It could have been any man’s game and I’d have been happy with any outcome but Ambrose winning was expected. After all, he was supposed to feud with Owens before Survivor Series but had to delay it because of Seth’s injury.

I can see Ambrose and Owens doing a tables match for the IC title at TLC. Knowing Ambrose’s hard core background and Owens’ pop up power bomb finisher, this is going to be good.


What were your impressions from Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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