WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 30/11/2015

New Day/ Sheamus

When the New Day are booked to open RAW, you know the WWE wants the show to get over. The tag team champs are at the top of the list of reaction-drawing acts.

I get the whole “suit up for the Authority” moment but I found it disturbing that Sheamus was pretty much wearing Kane’s suit. Same colour, same tie.

The segment was very well planned and executed. The New Day heated up the crowd for Sheamus and he capitalized on it with a good heel promo. I think, the WWE’s nailing it when it comes to building Sheamus up as a champion.

Dolph Ziggler def. Tyler Breeze

Breeze vs Ziggler can’t fail in the ring. They are both extremely talented and they always deliver. Unfortunately, I’m not convinced the fans appreciate that. The crowd was very quiet during the match.

Ziggler won, which I guess is a retribution for Survivor Series but it also leads us back to square one. This feud is not progressing whatsoever.

Miz TV

Miz welcomed the returning heel couple of Rusev and Lana. The segement was weak. We don’t need discussions about whether Rusev and Lana “went all the way” with their exes.

Also, the focus, being on the couple’s love life is wrong. They can be much stronger than that and we know it because it has happened before.

Ryback def. Rusev

The reason why I said that Rusev’s love life should not be the focus of his career was well represented in this match.

Rusev came back with a loss, caused by him paying more attention to Lana than to the match itself. This is not a good start and I don’t see how that sort of booking will make the Bulgarian brute anything but a jobber.

It was very weird that the heel dropped the match to save the girl while the face couldn’t be bothered to even check on her. If it wasn’t for the League of Nations, I’d think Rusev and Ryback could be on their way to swap sides.

The Duddley Boyz & Tommy Dreamer vs. The Wyatt Family

This segment was well-played, too. The Duddleys looked believable when they threatened the Wyatts and pulled out the tables. Tommy Dreamer came as a surprise and the WWE kept the tension high, as the match wasn’t allowed to get a clear finish.

I actually like the idea of the Duddleys vs. The Wyatt Family. The Duddley Boyz have both the history and the physical capability to pull off a convincing rivalry against the Wyatts. With Tommy Dreamer involved, we get into yet another storyline where Bray is feuding with legends. I think this is becoming his specialty.

Del Rio def. Goldust

Zeb Colter cut a long, boring promo and Del Rio squashed Goldust in a quick match. Nothing exciting to see.

Around Del Rio’s waist, the US Championship is fast losing all the importance Cena worked so hard to bring back to it.

The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos

The match started as exciting as it could be but was cut short by the New Day, who tried to get out of a title match and caused a triple threat instead. The commentary was even better, thanks to the New Day, of course.

The triple threat will be beautiful. It will be one of the most entertaining matches on the PPV with a lot of high flying spots to capture. It’s very likely that the New Day will lose the gold at TLC.

Sasha Banks def. Brie

This match was based on a Twitter argument between the Boss and Brie. It was a decent match and it, at least, put both Team Bella and Team B.A.D. on the map again.

Brie, being the face in this was strange. The Bellas are just so awkward as faces.

Roman Reigns def. Sheamus / via DQ/

Reigns had to defeat Sheamus in under 5’5” in order to win the title and keep the title opportunities the Usos and Ambrose got. The DQ finish was a logical solution. This way Roman’s friends keep their #1 contender spots and Sheamus keeps his title.

I like the fact that Sheamus, despite being an Authority affiliated heel, is a very different champion to Seth Rollins. If Seth was in that match, he would have tried to run and circle around he ring to gain time. The Celtic Warrior went straight into the fight and never left it. Sheamus just likes beating people up. If he can get some help, he wouldn’t mind at all, though.

The League of Nations is a very cool idea. The international talent on it, the mix of wrestling styles and all the heel charisma there are a recipe for success.

I’m only worried that the WWE will use them simply as a counter force to Abmrose and the Usos, without any build up. If this is the League of Nations only goal, then this sable will be wasted.

Charlotte def. Becky Lynch

Becky asked for a non-title match against Charlotte and Charlotte for no reason whatsoever decided to turn heel and use her dad to cheat her way into a victory.

It is true that Charlotte as a straight-up baby face was terrible but this heel turn came out of nowhere. It feels as if Paige’s comments suddenly inspired someone on the Creative team. This probably wasn’t even on the cards a week ago.

The Rosebush

What on earth was that?! This is the Dirt Sheet with a less funny host. Adam Rose’s new TMZ-inspired persona will definitely not help him get over as a wrestler.


Titus’ trips to the Fifth Dimension are funny. Cody seems to enjoy being in a comic role. If those two were to form a team, it would be like a funnier version of Slater Gator.

The League of Nations & the New Day def. Reigns, Ambrose & The Usos

The match was entertaining, due to the sheer number of interesting personalities around. However, I don’t think that involving the New Day was necessary. Going back to my concerns about the future of the League of Nations, using the New Day to help them in their very first match as a stable diminished the value of their victory.

For now, Sheamus is being booked very well. However, tipping the points too much either way is dangerous. The Celtic Warrior can have a strong run and neither Roman, nor his buddies need the recycled Wyatt “let’s just settle it, you and me, leave my friends alone” storyline.

What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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