WWE SmackDwon – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 03/12/2015

Reigns/League of Nations/New Day

Roman talked about his relationship with the Usos and Dean Ambrose…again. Then Sheamus came out with The League of Nations and the New Day to bring some fun into the segment.

The League of Nations truly are funny. I can listen to Sheamus mock Roman Regins all night long. The other members of the group also know very well how to insert some humor in and still remain intimidating. Well, not so sure about Del Rio but the rest are funny.

The New Day were obnoxious and over the top as usual. Roman The Ruiner actually sounds like an incredibly cool nickname. And the New Day’s hysterical laughter in the end finally gave Roman’s  “WTF” facial expression a good cause.

The League of Nations is possibly the best idea the WWE’s had in a while. However, the booking on the face side isn’t that great. I find myself rooting for the heels, even though Ambrose is one of my top favorites.

Tyler Breeze def. Neville

Prince Pretty used a little distraction from Summer Rae to win. Dolph actually applauded that. These two could potentially do a great team together, if the WWE has nothing better to offer them.

What I found more curious was the backstage segment between Neville and the Miz. The A Lister told Neville the painful truth – he has everything but personality, so he offered Neville a helping hand.

It would be interesting to see where Miz’ coaching will lead Neville.


Brie def. Becky Lynch

The breakdown of Becky and Charlotte’s friendship continues. As Becky wrestled Brie, Charlotte got accidentally hit and interfered, costing her friend the match up.

I think that turning Charlotte heel is a good option. The type of face she is on the main roster is too cheesy to work. She could do better as a heel. Also, this gives the fans what they asked for – Becky in the title scene.


I have the feeling Rusev lives a double life. His character when he’s with Lana has nothing to do with his character in League of Nations. Next to Lana, Rusev is almost face. He’d sacrifice any match for her. And she told him in Russian that she loves it when he defends her honor. This does not match the brute heel persona Rusev has by Sheamus’ side. This is confusing and I’d like to see where this leads.

New Day def. Ambrose & The Usos

Surprisingly, the New Day won. Xavier Woods had a stand out performance. He wrestles less than the other two but he’s actually really good, on top of being the heart and soul of the group.

Dean Ambrose could handle the New Day on his own and made the match so much more exciting. The way Kofi Kingston flipped when Dean hit the clothesline by the end was spectacular.

It’s good for the New Day that they got yet another win. However, putting Reigns vs the entire League of Nations on his own is not a smart move, if this stable is to become something big.

Bray Wyatt def. D-Von Duddley

The match was terribly short. The Wyatt Family had started interfering before the two men in the ring could even begin to exchange punches.

The whole segment felt rushed. Tables, kendo sticks and a change of tides happened in a matter of minutes. In the end, the Wyatts stood tall but I’m not sure how meaningful that will be in the long run.

Roman Reigns def. The League of Nations

Roman actually won in a 4vs1 handicap match. It was surprisingly good. Although, I found it weird that the referee threw Barrett out of his own match. Shouldn’t that have been a DQ?

It was a very enjoyable match, to be honest. The crowd was in it, as well. However, from a booking point of view, that was a terrible idea. How is the League of Nations supposed to be seen as anything more than a bunch of goons if all four of them can’t handle one guy?


What are your impressions from WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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