WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 07/12/2015

Stables Clash

When the Wyatt Family challenged the League of Nations the crowd erupted. The very idea of turning the Wyatts face excited the fans. It was reminiscent of the time when the Shield turned on the Authority. Then the Duddle Boyz showed up and it was probably the one moment in WWE PG history that the fans did not want to see some ECW.

In the heat of the moment, hearing the Shield music hit felt surreal, as if it was possible for the actual Shield to be coming down the audience. However, not even two of the Usos can compare to one of Seth Rollins.

Rhyno, joining Team Extreme was so obvious that I should have seen it coming a long time ago. It’s just that I had completely forgotten Rhyno was even on NXT. Well played on the part of the WWE to cover his main roster debut so well.

Out of that segment, the one though that left lingering was the teaser image of the Wyatts face. This moment on Raw proved that Bray’s family is one whimsical decision away from turning. Right now, however, the Wyatt Family are nothing but jobbers. The WWE Creative can’t find the right way to book then, although it should be a story that simply writes itself.

16-Man Elimination Tag Team Elimination Match

The segment preceding the match was by far much more entertaining than the match itself. There was nothing useful that could have come up from this Teddy Long-like booking.

There was one interesting bit though and that was the face-off between Roman Reigns and Rhyno. The Spear vs. The Gore. How often do wrestlers with the same finisher face each other? That could be interesting somewhere down the line.

Dean Ambrose was on a roll. It was a special day and he tried his best to deliver top entertainment. On that note, Happy Birthday to the Lunatic Fringe!

Roman Reigns needed to pick up a victory to look credible before TLC. However, having Sheamus lie down for the pin was a stupid decision. The champion should have been protected.

Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and Owens had the great match you would expect from these two. If there was any fatigue left from Owens’ illness, the Show Off helped him hide it. The match was brilliant.

Ambrose and his popcorn after the match could hardly compensate for the lack of build-up in the IC Title rivalry. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time before TLC to create a decent rivalry, worthy of the championship.

The backstage segment Dolph did after the match was more interesting. He gave such an emotional delivery that the WWE fans were struggling to accept it was scripted. It’s not the first time Dolph’s cut an amazing backstage promo like that. It’s a shame he doesn’t get to do those in the ring when it matters.

The feud with Breeze is stale. If the story isn’t going to progress Dolph and Tyler should either stop playing with each other or they should team up.


As much as Neville rejects the Miz, the Miz did get him an interview. This will soon start to down upon the Man That Gravity Forgot and we will get another Miz mentoring storyline.

I’m not against the idea. It will give both Miz and Neville something to do. Together they have the incredible wrestling of Neville and the undeniable charisma of the Miz. The only way this could go wrong is if the WWE books Miz too weak.

Sasha Banks & Naomi def. Brie & Alicia Fox

Team B.A.D. showed some “unity” as the numbers game was the reason they won. The feud, if it is one, isn’t going anywhere, though. Team Bella is crippled without Nikki and Team B.A.D. seems miles away from going to a break up.

The Sasha Bank twerking segment with the New Day was possibly the favourtie part of the entire show for many male viewers. Unfortunately, that’s the only action and attention Sasha’s getting, which is a shame.

New Day

The New Day’s little drama project was so awkward that it left the audience wondering what they had just seen. However, this is exactly why the New Day are so popular.

The New Day deliver show after show. As a stable, they are unbeatable on the mic. Their chemistry is unmatched. However, it’s very likely they’ll be dropping these titles on Sunday.

Lucha Dragons def. The New Day

The Usos got the Lucha Dragons the victory after the twins attacked Xavier Woods. Frankly, this is the only way the New Day will go down. Triple threat means that there will be more faces than heels in the match, hence the numbers advantage for the champs can be leveled.


Miz TV

Regardless of how much the fans hate on the Miz, his shows are right on point. He challenged Charlotte and led her through her promo. Every time I hear Ric flair talk, I’m afraid his dentures will fall off. It’s a sad sight and I don’t know why the WWE insists on having him on TV. And Charlotte is simply not that confident on the mic yet. Basically, the Miz carried the entire segment.

Paige slapping Ric flair was a good touch (although the fear of flying dentures was made that much more real). Charlotte’s entire character now is based around her father. It could be a good thing, especially, if she can, to a satisfactory degree, pull off his gimmick in the long run.

Rusev vs Ryback

The WWE tried to fix their booking mistake from last week. Ryback this time showed compassion towards Lana and paid for it, as a good face should. However, using Lana to supposedly make Rusev’s matches more interesting is stupid. She should be the great valet that she is, not a distraction.

It has to be noted that Ryback pulled off a Corkscrew Crossbody over the top rope and it was impressive. I might not be a fan of the Big Guy but I acknowledge that he’s working hard and is constantly trying to improve his wrestling.

Jack Swagger def. Stardust

That match was a mess. Swagger won but it didn’t matter. The action after the match was the important bit and it had three separate goals.

First, the chair match at TLC got a decent build up. Second, Titus screwed Stardust, which added a bit to the dynamic between the two, although it feels more like friendship than a feud. And third, Del Rio got frustrated with Zeb Colter, leading to a back stage break-up of the duo.

At least, the horrible Mexamerican gimmick didn’t last even a month. Now Del Rio can be the dominant heel he’s meant to be, instead of a walking joke. Also, Swagger will get the valet he desperately needs.

The Rosebush

I still find this show very awkward and terribly random. It could possibly have the potential of becoming a half-decent comic segment but it definitely won’t help Rose’s wrestling career.

Braun Strowman def. Tommy Dreamer

Strowman made Tommy Dreamer pass out. Nothing new or exciting. We’ve seen this before. Strowman still is undefeated but the fans don’t see him as a threat at all. His whole character is absolutely insignificant.

Roman Reigns/Sheamus

It was a good segment. Sheamus keeps rocking the heel promos. The chemistry with Reigns is working as yet another crowd stood with Roman, throughout the segment. Despite all the hate we see online, Sheamus vs. Reigns works well.

The two men also did a god job of using all the props they had. It was an exciting sneak peak into TLC. Their match will be fun and definitely will feature interferences and dirty play.


What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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