WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 14/12/2015

Stephanie McMahon /Roman Reigns

The entire segment had a strange vibe to it. It was intended to feel very personal and the narration revolved around the family again. It seems like variations of this are incorporated in all Roman Reigns storylines.

The slaps Stephanie dished out were very real, as Roman’s face was bright red after that. Just the sheer number of times she slapped him made the atmosphere of the segment. It made the audience feel uncomfortable.

I don’t know how involving Vince made the situation any more serious. Roman was ready to be fired anyway, so this was utterly useless.

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was a great match. I have the image of Dean Ambrose, holding his fingers close to each other, indicating “It was that close”, stuck in my head and that’s because it describes the match perfectly. The fight was so tight and there were so many twists and turns in it that it felt like a PPV title match.

Kevin Owens came in when both men were down and attacked them. Dolph could have retreated but stayed and tried to help, which only got him hurt. That could mean that Dolph is getting himself inserted in a triple threat situation.

Backstage Owens cut a dark, threatening promo on Ambrose. That, combined with the three pop up power bombs from earlier, brought Owens back to the perfect heel he was when he debuted on NXT. He also promised to push Ambrose over the edge and send him to a mental institution. If that’s what it takes to see a more deranged Ambrose, without the rather childish “fun” in his persona, then I’m up for it.

R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas

This match was a perfect representation of the position Truth and Bo have in the company. They had barely started their insignificant match when Vicne arrived and interrupted them, not even allowing them to finish the jobber match they were having. How pathetic is that?

Vince McMahon/Roman Reigns/Sheamus

This segment was devoid of all logic. I’d understand that Vince would want to humiliate Roman and put him on his knees to apologize. However, even “back in the day”, as Mr. McMahon said, he would not have tried to do it on his own. He’d have had a few heels at his disposal to force the face into submission. Calling the League of Nations in would have made sense, attempting to fight Reigns on his own was the dumbest thing Vicne could have come up with. I wonder what his plan would have been if Sheamus hadn’t showed up on his own accord.

As for Sheamus, he must have hit his head hard the night before. Nothing else would explain why he’d be stupid enough to go and put his title on the line for no reason. Yes, he threw in a line about feeling “so confident that he’d beat Reigns” that he was willing to bet the championship. This is still a stupid reason to do anything. The Creative decided to make Sheamus look more stupid than he is.

But the stupid decision didn’t end there. Oh, no! Vince changed from “no way in hell” to “fine, you’ve got your match” over one obvious taunt from Reigns. How stupid does that make the chairman look? And no, that kick in the nuts doesn’t make in any better!

Overall, the segment offered conveniently dumb writing to put Roman back in the run for the title.

Rusev & Del Rio def. Swagger & Ryback

This was one uninteresting match. No one cares about either feud. The one thing to take away from this fight is that Rusev and Del Rio worked very well as a team. Actually it was their double-teaming that secured the victory.

The League of Nations could possibly be a good faction but with Sheamus losing the belt so quickly in such a stupid manner, I don’t see anything too bright in the future of this group.

Neville def. Tyler Breeze

I knew it! The moment I saw Ziggler fight Ambrose, I wondered where Tyler would be and a fear rose in me that he might end up, jobbing to Neville, in a NXT failed stars match. Unfortunately, that’s what happened.

Miz yelling at Neville was the focus. Breeze and Neville have no feud. In fact, both of them have zero direction at the moment. Actually, Miz trying to help Neville for the ever so convincing reason that he wanted to learn the English accent (which apparently he can’t do with any other Englishman), is sadly the only real chance Neville has at getting a storyline. Tyler Breeze is getting nothing. It’s all very frustrating.

The Wyatt Family def. The ECW Originals

That was fun. It was chaotic, violent and all props were put to a good use. There were some insane spots, especially knowing that the entire ECW Originals team is compiled of men over 40.

It was a beautiful throw-back to a great era of extreme wrestling. The fans enjoyed and for the first time in a while weapons were used in a believable fashion. The stipulation wasn’t wasted on these guys.

It would be a good idea if the WWE could bring some of that back. Obviously, not every match can be as violent and creative but having an extreme niche in the product could help some of the superstars find a place and would also appeal to the fans.

The New Day/ The Usos/ The Lucha Dragons

This was another strange segment. The New Day called The Usos and the Lucha Dragons out to give them respect and a handshake. Then after an entire segment of awkwardness in which the faces and the crowd laid in wait of the moment the New Day would do something heel-like, it all ended with a handshake. The “big turn” was only the New Day signing in their annoying way.

Continuing the triple threat situation means that the New Day will be dropping the titles soon. Both of the opposing teams would be worthy champions. Their match at TLC stole the show. Kalisto and Sin Cara would be the underdogs in this because they don’t have developed personalities. However, the stunts they pulled off in that match on Sunday earned them a spot in this title feud.

Charlotte & Becky Lynch def. Brie Bella & Alicia Fox

This was the equivalent of drugging your “friend” without their knowledge, so they’ll have fun at the party. Becky was quite glad that she won but she didn’t know she was forced to participate in illegal actions to get there.

It’s interesting, though, to see how Becky will handle the news that she cheated. There are two ways to go about it. She’ll either be mad at Charlotte and will leave her, or she’ll like the taste of victory too much to care about the means that led to the end.

Roman Reigns def. Sheamus

This failed attempt at a screw job by Vince McMahon was pathetic. Roman overcame the League of Nations, the Chairman of the company and Sheamus to win the title.

It was a matter of time before Reigns won the championship. However, Sheamus was a tremendous heel champion and his reign was far too short. If the storyline with Reigns will keep digging in the same anti-Authority hole, we’ll be very, very bored.

Also, the League of Nations won’t see any success with this booking. That’s another wasted opportunity. And on that note, where was Barrett last night?


What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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