WWE NXT Takeover London – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 16/12/2015

Asuka def. Emma

It comes as no surprise that this divas match was a treat of great wrestling. It spun over more than 20 minutes, during which Emma had to strive to survive Asuka’s non-stop attacks. The wrestling could not be faulted.

What made the match exciting, though, was the character development. Asuka played to the cameras every chance she got. That’s definitely what she needs to do to build up her personality without promos. As for Emma, she and Dana Brooke tried every cheat in the book to win the match. Although, they failed miserably, it demonstrated who they are on the roster. A team, ready to do anything for a victory, might fail once but is terribly dangerous in the long run.

Dash & Dawson def. Enzo & Big Cass

I loved the serious side of Cass and Enzo. It allowed the fans to see more of the duo’s skills. Enzo was always at the right place, at the right time and that’s all he has to do when he’s tagging with a giant who makes Dash and Dawson look small.

The way the champs took out Big Cass’ knee looked painful. That could not have been more convincing.

It was easy to guess that Dash and Dawson wouldn’t drop the titles to their first opponents and yet, there were a few spots were it truly felt possible. NXT hasn’t had a bad tag team match in long, long time.


Baron Corbin def. Apollo Crews

What I found interesting about this match up was that in both matches that had already passed, the fans reacted with pro face chants. In this one, all the noise were taunts directed at the heel. This comes to show how well Corbin works as a heel. His mere presence gets the crowd rowdy. That’s how much the audience loves to hate him.

Crews is still too new for NXT. He’s great in the ring, no doubt, but he lacks the personality to get the fans involved. It will take a bit longer to develop that, hence, the lack of response he got.

The moment Corbin won, it was obvious that Finn Balor was going to retain. The #1 Contender being heel, usually directs at a face champion. It simply makes sense.

Bayley def. Nia Jax

This was one interesting fight to watch. Very rarely, if ever, do we see a monster heel vs. a small underdog face in the divas division. Nia Jax brings a completely different type of a heel force to the table.

The match worked very well, especially keeping in mind how soon after Nia’s debut this is happening. Bayley was challenged to pull out all she had, in order to come on top and well, carry the match without it being terribly obvious. The fact that we she had to come up with innovative moves non-stop made the fight so much more exciting. Having to lock the sleeper three times to get Nia to tap out, was a good touch. It built up both women at the same time.

However, what sparked my interest was the silent challenge Asuka sent out to Nia Jax. That would be a very different match to the one we saw between Bayley and Nia. I’d love to see how Asuka’s style would influence the fight.

Finn Balor def. Samoa Joe

Joe vs. Balor was brutal. Joe was focused without fail. He was systematic. He calculated, intercepted any offense Finn had and continued back on track with his plan to dominate. The Demon, however, just wouldn’t stop coming at him and in the end got a victory shot. The level of wrestling skills in the ring was off the charts.

It seemed like Finn Balor wasn’t feeling too well after the match. He looked taken aback during his celebration and he had a chat with the doctors but it seems like he’s fine, as no injury reports have been issued.

Next stop for the champ is Sami Zayn and that may very well be the end of his reign. There is no way the WWE will give Sami another title shot, just to lose again.


What were your impressions from NXT Takeover London? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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