WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 17/12/2015

Roman Reigns/Sheamus

You’d expect Sheamus to be losing it at the sight of Roman Reigns, standing in the middle of the ring with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship around his waist but he wasn’t. The Celtic Warrior was calm and collected. He had full confidence that Reigns would drop the belt very quickly because of his attacks on the McMahon family. And that would be logical.

The entire fiasco with the security was a bit over the top but it was all that could be done to make Roman look good without hurting Sheamus in the process. The situation is still at a stalemate. All decisions will be made on RAW.

Del Rio def. Ryback

It definitely was a good idea for Del Rio to drop the MexAmerican gimmick. However, he needs to find a voice for himself and he needs to do it fast, otherwise, he’ll become blunt and fade away.

Del Rio has a great in-ring presence. He tells a story with his wrestling. He plays smart. Tricking his opponents to believe he’s out on the top rope, only to lock his arm bar on the ropes is only one example. Del Rio is a calculating heel. He’s cold and to the point. It needs to be explored in his promos, though. He needs a good storyline to show off his character.

The victory wasn’t that much of a victory for Del Rio, as it was for the League of Nations. All four members got involved and contributed to the win. However, they desperately needed this statement. Del Rio is the only member with a title at the moment. The faction needed to shake off Sheamus’ loss and Ryback was their scapegoat.

Titus O’Neil def. Tyler Breeze

I really want to see Titus and Stardust, based off their great chemistry in backstage sketches, but I’m getting Goldust vs. Tyler Breeze instead. This match had one purpose and it was to start the feud between Prince Pretty and The Bizarre One.

Putting Tyler in a storyline with Goldsut might not be a bad idea. Goldust will direct attention to the feud with his weirdness and he’d be willing to put Breeze over. After the pointless rivalry with Ziggler, The King of Cuteville needs a solid, definitive victory to move on.

Dean Ambrose

We had three promos, from the three guys interested in the title. Ambrose’s left the lightest feeling. Owens was dark and serious, Ziggler was emotional and heavy in his desperation and Ambrose was simply there – open to any challenge, full of confidence and willingness to fight. He stood out as a true face champion. With his anarchist lunatic gimmick, Ambrose needed the comparison between the three promos to shine as a straight-up baby face.

The Lucha Dragons def. The New Day

The New Day cut what was probably their most annoying promo up to now and the Lucha Dragons ran out to shut them up.

Xavier Woods didn’t take the pin for a change. However, the New Day still lost despite all the help they had form Big E on the outside.

I expect the New Day to drop the titles very soon. They’ve been champions for quite a while and they can easily entertain without basing all their promos on the titles. However, I expected the Usos to take the gold off of them, not the Lucha Dragons. I don’t mind, though, Kalisto and Sin Cara are brilliant in the ring.

Dolph Ziggler

We’ve see a few emotional promos from Ziggler in fallout segments. However, this must be the first time a heavy speech from the Show Off has made it on the actual show. He sells emotions as well, as he sells in the ring. He seems so sincere that some actually think it’s a shoot. Hats off to Dolph.

Becky Lynch def. Brie Bella

Brie did well, we have to give her credit, although she is just not fit to be a face. Becky won with help from Charlotte and this time she knew.

Backstage, Becky didn’t seem too comfortable with what happened and she seemed upset with Charlotte. However, it’s still not clear whether Becky won’t finally decide to change her mind and join the dark side.

I’m confused by the presence of Team B.A.D. at ringside. Sasha was wearing a Becky t-shirt and all three were shouting Unity, supposedly to mock PCB. This doesn’t make any sense, unless PCB decide to unite as a heel faction vs. Team B.A.D. as a face faction but that would be totally inconsistent with what’s been going on over the last couple of months.

Kevin Owens

Owens is done with the funny backstage promos. He’s back to his cold, gold-oriented heel self. Without the title, he’s incomplete. He won’t stop until he gets back what makes his career worth-while. We need this Owens back because that’s the Owens that gets the FIGHT, OWENS, FIGHT chants.

Dolph Ziggler def. Kevin Owens /DQ/

This entire match was Owens on a mission to inflict as much pain and suffering on Dolph Ziggler, as he possibly could. Dolph, on the other hand, was adamant to give it all to survive, regardless of what it may cost him.

It ended in brutal, violent beating that caused Owens to be DQ-ed. Ambrose ran out to help and chased off the heel. That would have been a normal segment. But then Ziggler decided to come back from the dead to take down the Lunatic Fringe, which came as a huge surprise.

The commentators weren’t sure but I believe that we saw the birth of heel Ziggler. Dolph had had too many disappointments and he finally broke down.  This will make the rivalry so much more interesting. We’ll see real, strong characters in a rivalry that might just make the IC Title relevant again.


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