WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 11/01/2016


Another RAW and another long, repetitive opening segment from the Authority. This time Vince decided to set up a 1vs. All match for Roman Reigns. As if Reigns needed more human power tossed at him to prove how unfavorable his position is at the moment.

The segment was weak and this storyline is getting worse every day. No one wants to see Roman (or any other superstar) turn superman/supervictim in a battle against multiplying, unrealistic odds. Simple and organic feuds work much better.

Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose’s character has been showing through much more strongly ever since he became the IC Champion. He doesn’t sell moves as if he’s struggling. He sells the idea of pain lighting a fire in his eyes and sending him into berserk mode.

The double count out worked on SmackDown so the WWE decided to book the same thing for Raw. The fans didn’t mind because an out-of-control Ambrose is a good thing.

Owens’ appearance was expected and yet it caused excitement. Owens vs Ambrose still is the most intriguing feud in the WWE at the moment.

Titus def. Stardust

Titus vs. Stardust came to be through a series of backstage segments, in which the two men showed great chemistry. Ironically, ever since the actual physical rivalry started we haven’t seen any of that hilarious verbal interaction they used to have. Such a wasted opportunity!

After losing once again, Stardust attacked Titus in the back after the match. We already knew Stardust was a heel and a cheap attack doesn’t make him a more convincing one but I guess at least something happened, so it must be good.

The Highlights Reel w/New Day

Jericho and the New Day are two of the most vibrant acts when it comes to delivering a show. It makes sense that the WWE relies on the New Day to carry Y2J’s character into the Royal Rumble.

As for the Usos, right now, they are the only competition the New Day have. All other face teams are disbanded due to injuries and the Ascension have been buried so deep that we might never see them rise to the title scene again.

The Usos def. The New Day

This match was pretty much pointless. The entire purpose of it was to have Y2J annoy the New Day, which he did by breaking Xavier Woods’ trombone. Jericho didn’t even bother wrestling. This is what his returns to the WWE have been degraded to now.

The Usos stole a victory. Y2J gave them that opportunity. This overshadows the fact that the match was actually good. The tag team division has so much potential. Unfortunately, the novelty act that Jericho has become is deemed more valuable.

Sting Hall of Fame

Sting – becoming the first inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016. Really?! The man is a legend, no doubt about it but his entire career he spent denying the WWE. How did his 5 or so matches in the company earn him that privilege? Then again, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in it too, so who am I to question the morality of having Sting inducted?

Wyatt Family vs. The Social Outcasts

This segment had me jump out of my seat. The Social Outcasts went out and challenged the Wyatt Family. I, for once, saw something new and exciting on RAW.

However, we weren’t allowed to see any development to this match because Ryback inexplicably decided to attack Bray Wyatt just after it had begun. The Big Guy going after Bray makes sense but the timing was awkward.

I suppose the segment came to tell us that the Social Outcasts are face and it’s ok to cheer for them. Their insane audacity makes me like them even more. I sure hope that they will make it. It’s one great stable!

Kalisto def. Del Rio

Sin Cara’s nd John Cena’s injuries turned out to be a blessing for Kalisto. The man was given a chance and a voice. He proved that he can handle himself not only in the ring, but on the microphone, as well.

The match was great. Del Rio showed us his expereicne with the lucha style of wrestling. Not many people have such good, natural counters to Kalisto’s offence. This match made me appreciate Del Rio even more.

Kalisto stole the title and I wasn’t impressed with that. That’s not because I wanted Del Rio to retain. What bothers me is that Kalisto had some great moments where he didn’t manage to defeat the champion but this roll-up did the job. It was too much of an “upset victory” set-up for my liking. Kalisto should have been allowed a more glamorous victory.

Charlotte vs. Brie Bella

The match never happened as Becky attacked Charlotte before the bell rang. The crowd was into it. The storyline had a slow build-up and it paid off. Now the fans are invested in it and really want to see Becky win.

However, it has to be noted that the Divas Division hasn’t changed much. There still is only one storyline in it. True, it’s a better one, since the divas, who are in it can actually wrestle. Then again, the writers are being lazy and most of the female talent isn’t being used.

One vs. All

That’s one main event I was dreading. Reigns has nothing to prove in a match like that. When the Shield were put in a similar situation it made sense because there were three of them, trying to prove that their bond can overcome the numbers. Roman Reigns on his own vs. everyone proves nothing. He can’t realistically win and we already know the boss can easily organize a beating on Reigns.

At least, it wasn’t the typical case of the face going through 4-5 jobbers before falling. Instead we got a good Owens vs. Reigns match. Obviously, in the end all the other heels joined it but it didn’t matter. The majority of the match was solid 1on1 action.

At the end it was Brock Lesnar, who destroyed everybody. Watching that I realized that I’d much rather watch Brock vs. Sheamus or Brock vs. Owens, rather than Brock vs. Roman one more time. Then again, it seems like Lesnar vs. Reigns is what we are going to get again.

What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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