WWE NXT –Review, Highlights & Anlaysis From 13/01/2016

Sami Zayn/ Samoa Joe/ Baron Corbin

You have to feel bad for Baron Crobin after this segment. Once again, he managed to get to the #1 position, only to get pulled back down before getting his shot. It felt like the only reason he was in the segment was to give Sami someone to beat, without embarrassing Joe. It comes to show that Corbin isn’t placed on the same level of value as the other two.

Joe absolutely owned everyone on the mic. Compared to that, Baron Corbin needs to put a lot more work in his mic skills. If he does, might even get a real push.

It’s obvious that in the end Sami Zayn will come on top. In his case, it’s a bit sad that he has to even go through this in NXT when he should have gone back to the main roster straight away. It’s worrying that he was demoted to NXT again. It makes questions pop. Do the WWE officials really think is ready? Will he have the patience to wait for recognition again?

Tommaso Ciampa def. Danny Burch

Tommaso Ciampa. I had forgotten he was even on the roster. He definitely needs to see more screen time. He has some unique moves in his arsenal. I could see a twisted submission coming from far. Ciampa really made it look painful.

I was slightly confused because it seems like Ciampa was the face in this but he gives an all-around heel vibe. He will thrive as a heel.

Dash & Dawson def. The Ascension

Dash & Dawson picked up another big victory. They are a good heel team. They are strong and brutal but they also cheat their way into every victory. How can you not hate them? Well done.

As for the Ascension, it pains me to see them because every time I hear the reaction they get on NXT, I’m reminded of the royal burial they got on the main roster. Such a shame!

Elias Samson def. Corey Hollis

The Drifter. I’m quite intrigued by this character. The way he sits on the ropes in the dark, waiting, staring in the distance. His behavior speaks for itself.

Elias Samson seems to still be searching for his finisher. The neck breaker he used was snappy enough to assert dominance but I’m not convinced it’s big enough for a finisher.

Samson built a heel persona in one match. He had a jobber to beat but he took his time. He likes the torture. However, I don’t understand why the Drifter is a heel. There are plenty of heels on NXT right now. If he’s to have a shot at the top, he’ll find himself in a crowd of heels. Unless Corbin and Joe are meant to be called up soon, this is one strange choice.

Divas Battle Royal

From the moment Eva Marie slid under the ropes in the beginning, I feared the outcome. The possibility of her winning was in the back of my mind the entire time.

Emma had a very strong performance. She was everywhere and she made a statement. The rookie girls of NXT made an impression too. I’ll never understand why Peyton Royce smells this fake flower, though. Was it that difficult to get a real one? Liv Morgan botched a power bomb and Aliyah, along with Deona were the most forgettable performers out there.

Asuka was the obvious dominant force in the match, so only naturally she lost. After all, battle royals are made for twists and turns to occur. It was a travesty to have Eva eliminate her, though.

Carmella won and she couldn’t have had a better set up than that. The crowd welcomed her because she eliminated Eva Marie. Anyone who had spared us Eva’s insertion into the main event would have been adored that night. Then again, it’s a strange decision to have Carmella gain all those face points when she’s going up against a face champion. Anyway, she deserved the chance.


What were your impressions from NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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