WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 14/01/2015


The opening segment had three great mic workers and Neville in it. Ambrose is absolutely in his element now. As a champion, unrestrained by the main event corporate storyline, he can deliver all the character he wants. The champ, challenging the challenger was somewhat odd and it made a loud and clear statement as to why the Lunatic Fringe is the fans’ favourtie champion.

Sheamus is underappreciated by the audience. His mix work as a heel is brilliant. I can listen to him all night long. But the good thing about him is that Sheamus is not a coward heel. He does love to pick a fight and will always chase the opportunity to finish it.

As Owens himself acknowledged, he came out in a 2 on 1 situation. It should have made him look weak but it didn’t. What saved him is the way he carried himself on the mic. Owens’ speech pattern and mannerism reek of dominance.

Neville, on the other hand, was a bit lost in the segment. He’s far from having the bright characters of the other three men in the ring. He had to make a statement with his wrestling, which he did. However, it didn’t make any less obvious the reason why Neville isn’t shining through on the main roster.

The Dudley Boyz def. Harper & Rowan

At first, I was taken aback by the surprise rebirth of this feud. It ended out of the blue and we were expected to forget about it. Then suddenly it gets revived as if nothing ever happened.

Then, when things escalated to the scale of aggression they did, I completely ditched the logic searching and enjoyed the mayhem. The Dudleys are hard core legends for a reason and the Wyatts didn’t fall behind.

The match and the action that followed were definitely entertaining and worth watching. However, it doesn’t compensate for the fact that the Wyatt Family is very much without a purpose at the moment.

And another side note – is Braun Strowman really still undefeated?! For a guy who has nothing but height, he’s lasted way too long with this streak.

The Social Outcasts def. Sandow, Goldust, Swagger & Ryder

What, what? I’m confused. Are the Social Outcast face or heel. On RAW they seemed to turn face by challenging the Wyatts and teaming up with Ryback. How did they revert back to heel by SmackDown?

The Social Outcasts are something special. They can go big, really big. This strange booking is problematic though. They got a chance because of social media popularity. The fans want to cheer for them because they are funny. However, the Social Outcasts are still heel. It just doesn’t add up.

Del Rio def. Kalisto

This was the best match of the night, but it also had the most ridiculous outcome. The wrestling was brilliant. The speed at which Del Rio and Kalisto operated is alien to the WWE main roster. The counter attacks were lightning fast. Kalisto’s offence is something that we don’t see in the WWE.

However, the WWE decided to insert Barrett in this and have him cause Kalisto the match. The guy just won the championship. What was that?! This booking is totally unfair. It tries to paint Kalisto as a fluke winner and it kills my hopes for a good rivalry between him and Del Rio, paired up with a nice run for Kalisto.

Ambrose & Neville def. Sheamus & Owens /DQ/

It was very hard to follow Kalisto vs. Del Rio because they simply stole the show but the main event did a decent job.

As any match Ambrose is in these days, no one really took a pin. At least, here was a winner this time, even though it was through DQ.

It’s interesting how Sheamus found a place in the fight, knowing that both his opponents had a problem with Owens only.

In the end, Neville looked so hungry for revenge on Owens. If only the WWE Creative found a way to implement that passion and that drive into Neville’s character, the guy could be irreplaceable.

The midcard stole the show. In comparison with the IC and the US championships, the WWE World Heavyweight title is one huge disappointment at the moment.

What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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