WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 18/01/2016


Reigns/Jericho/League of Nations

As Jericho and Reigns explored their face bromance, the League if Nations tried to regain credibility or, at least, to remind us that they still exist. Because, honestly, if I had never seen the League of Nations ever again, I wouldn’t have been surprised. The only problem is that they are still glorified jobbers and no amount of interrupted segments is going to change that.

Despite Jericho’s remarks, I need to note that Rusev was quite good on the mic. Even though he’s not the focus of the segment, it’s worth noticing that he’s improved. His confidence on the mic is evident.

Roman Reigns def. Rusev w/Y2J referee

Wow, Y2J REALLY doesn’t want to wrestle. It’s ridiculous how often he’s in the ring with this new return of his, but how he gets to stay away from fighting, despite picking up arguments with everybody.

Otherwise, the entire match was a joke. It started as a decent fight but then it turned into a Jericho-centered show. The entire segment was an opportunity for Y2J to embarrass the League of Nations by banishing them form ringside. It’s not exactly my idea of drama and story-building but hey, it’s all in the name of fun! Then again, this is supposed to be wrestling, not stand-up comedy.

Natalia def. Brie

“Matches” like this one are wrong on so many levels. The fact that Total Divas takes place months before the time it’s aired but the divas are supposed to react as if the air time of the series is actual time and feud over the dramas there makes my head explode. And the length of the fight is just an offense to the time these women put into training to master the art of wrestling.

Oh and by the way, the last time we saw Natlaya, wasn’t she feuding with Paige? How come they are best friends all of a sudden? How stupid of me to look for continuity in the Divas Division!

This poor excuse of a match was a massive step back in the Divas Division. The Divas Revolution was meant to put an end to those under 2 min matches with Total Dvias promotional aim but I guess it’s never going to go away.


The Wyatt Family def. The Dudley Boyz & Ryback

This was simply a filler match. Nothing less, nothing more. The Dudleyz and Ryback just have nothing better to do and the Wyatts used them to gain momentum. However, with the weak booking in the WWE these days, I don’t think that momentum will really lead to anything.

Big Show def. Heath Slater

This was yet another saddening segment. Big Show went out and KOed the entire group of the Social Outcasts. It’s obvious that the WWE won’t give them a chance at all.

It’s a shame that the WWE doesn’t believe in the Social Outcasts. They could be one entertaining act that draws in the fans.

Royal Rumble Draw

Vince and Stephanie quite obviously rigged the draw to have Roman Reigns enter the Rumble first. This was anything but a surprise. Reigns has been consistently booked as a victim of the Authority and the role would not have been complete without making his Royal Rumble as miserable as possible.

I only wonder what happened to the Big Show. Didn’t he want to enter at number 1?

Becky Lynch def. Tamina

Well, Tamina was on RAW and she actually entered the ring, instead of staying on the side for support. It’s been so long we’ve seen Team BAD on any show that it felt like they were gone for good. Then again, Tamina and Naomi were there only to give Becky someone to beat, which is a shame. They used to have character.

Becky’s taunts got her a rematch. Charlotte wasn’t impressed with her dad’s decision. Maybe when she loses at the Rumble, she’ll blame her dad and turn on him. That way she can stay heel without the WWE having to pay the Nature Boy to sit at ringside during every show.

Sheamus & Del Rio def. Ambrose & Kalisto

Ambrose barely was in the match. Kalisto carried the whole load of it. His performance showed once again how big of a travesty his “reign” was. The WWE should not have used Kalisto as a one hit wonder that lasted 24h. He should have been in a real feud with Del Rio and he should have stayed champion for a while. Kalisto is good and he deserves that.

The League of Nations tried to balance out the impact of Rusev’s loss to Roman earlier. I don’t even know why they try. The stable was never given a proper build-up. They are only secondary characters.

Big E def. Jey Uso

The New Day in suits reminded me of the time they got together and were still trying to figure out their characters. It felt strange.Regardless, Xavier Woods’ usual interferances did the job and Big E won off of the distraction.

Another example of bad storytelling is the fact that the New Day are wasting their promo time on Jericho when they are actually feuding with the Usos, or are supposed to, at least. After all, the Usos are the challengers. I wonder if Jericho won’t cost the New Day their titles.

Titus O’Neil, Mark Henry, R-Truth & Neville def. The Ascension, Stardust & Tyler Breeze

That match was painful. There’s so much wasted potential in it. The wounds of the Ascension’s burial haven’t healed yet and here we are watching Tyler Breeze get the exact same treatment. It’s just not fair.  The main roster is so far behind NXT, it’s ridiculous.

The joke of having three big black guys, getting inspired by Martin Luther King and tiny, white Neville, being the outcast, trying  join them works only as a one off thing. I’m not sure how appropriate that was, though.


The Highlight Reel

The Highlight Reel started with a verbal war between Jericho and Paul Heyman and that was more exciting than Brock vs. Reigns. The League of Nations entered the scene only to solidify their jobbers image by facing destruction at the hand of Brock Lesnar.

The Wyatt Family made this segment so much better. Unlike the League of Nations, they were capable of utilizing their numbers advantage to take down the Beast. A feud between Bray and Brock could work. It would give Braun Strowman something to do. The Black Sheep vs. The Beast could potentially be interesting because they’ve both been portrayed as unbeatable.

The Beast still remains the top attraction. He has 3 moves but they are vicious and the fans buy it. He gives off the impression he truly can decimate anyone and that makes his matches fun to watch. But at the Rumble, it might be The Game who’ll take the title home.


What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!



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