WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 28/01/2016

New Day/ TheMiz/ The Usos

We’re back to the New Day opening SmackDown but something’s missing. The segment wasn’t nearly as funny as their segments used to be last year. The New Day are either running out of original ideas, or they are affected by the lack of a feud to invest some drive in. They were on about the Rock again while the titles are just jewelry.

Speaking about the titles, why are the Usos still treated as if they are feuding with the New Day. Didn’t they already blow their shot the gold? It’s time for another team to step up. The division isn’t compiled of two teams only, you know.

The Usos, Titus O’Neil & Dolph Ziggler def. The New Day & The Miz

This was the jobbers club weekly sparring session. It’s only sad that Dolph, alongside the New Dayy have been demoted to a membership in it. I hadn’t yet gotten over the underuse of the Miz and I got this match.

Titus picked up the victory but it means nothing. He was meant to be feuding with Stardust but it was completely ignored last night. And that’s not the last strange booking decision we saw on SmakcDown.

Kalisto def. Neville

These two, fighting for the US Championship technically should have been a dream match and it was in a way. The action in the ring was incredible, as expected. The match could have done with a little bit longer run time but whatever was in it was priceless.

However, Neville vs. Kalisto happened too early. Neville winning never was a legitimate option. The WWE should have saved this match for later. Even if Kalisto was still going to win it, it would have created much more suspense if we believed he could lose it.

Also, it’s very good that Kalisto’s defending his title. What I don’t get is why he’s not given promo time. Cena made the championship popular by his Open Challenge and the promos that preceded it. Kalisto should be given the chance to do that.

The Highlight Reel

The WWE tried to pitch the idea of Ambrose and Reigns, turning on one another. However, I think it was done only to grab some attention and to create fake tension. It won’t happen. Their friendship is too precious for storyline-building to be broken over an obvious, predictable match like the one, coming at Fastlane.

The Wyatt Family interrupted the segment and they will most probably interrupt the match at Fast Lane too. They want Brock, or at least, they think they do. Once they get him, they might regret it.

AJ Styles def. Curtis Axel

The Social Outcasts fulfilled their role as WWE’s jobber team and allowed for AJ Styles’ SmackDown debut match to be successful.

Curtis Axel seems to be the biggest threat in his stable. In fact, being around all the other goof balls might help him build a more serious persona.

AJ Styles is phenomenal, as we know. He gave us a preview of his skills but that was all. He has much more to offer. The Styles Clash finally hit the WWE and AJ won but that was expected. I was more impressed by the fact that he seems to be quite good at making anyone who wrestles him look good. It’s a sign of true professionalism.

Charlotte def. Natalya

Charlotte vs. Natalya, given their heritage, could have been an awesome rivalry. It was pitched on NXT but died down in developmental. It never made it to the main roster.

Yesterday’s fight was only a filler. It just gave Charlotte an opportunity to annoy people with her dad again and to gain another victory, garnished with some momentum.

Natty did very well too. She was in her element. Having a talented opponent allowed her to show much more of her actual skills.

Becky Lynch came to save the day. That’s good news. It means that for now, at least, she still is the run for the championship.

Ambrose, Reigns & Jericho def. The Wyatt Family /via DQ/

This was one strange match. Actually, it started pretty much standard. The faces were getting beaten up and when they eventually turned things around, the heels cheated, got DQ-ed and attacked the faces.

Ambrose tried to help Reigns with all he could. It showed that, as I said, their friendship is undamaged.

The WWE’s trying to remind us that Strowman is a huge monster by allowing him to manhandle three superstars at a time. However, I don’t see him as that intimidating when Brock at the Rumble and Big Show on SmackDown were able to take him out with ease.

What completely amazed me was Big Show’s involvement in this. He has switched character once again, apparently , because just before the Rumble he was a heel and now he’s an obvious face. Having Show stand victorious with Reigns, Ambrose and Jericho felt surreal. Such a strange, strange plot!


What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in he comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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