WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 01/02/2016

Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar/Dean Ambrose

Heyman did what he does best and sold Fastlane better than anyone could. However, his mic work was outdone by Ambrose’s appearance. The pop from the crowd was quite descriptive of who the fan favourtie in the triple threat is.

Segments like these are a proof that Ambrose is fit for the main event. He can enter the ring with the Beast and his Advocate and come out looking like a winner. He works the mic and the crowd with ease.

Dean did a good job of asserting himself as a threat at Fastlane, although we all know he’s there only to pull viewers in. Also, without Dean there would be no face for the crowd to support. In this scenario, Brock can be a true heel. Against Reigns, he might have ended up being the face.

Kalisto def. Rusev

This match reminded us of how good Rusev actually is. He not only had eye-catching displays of power, but he also, for most of the time, managed to keep up with Kalisto’s speed and that is impressive for a man Rusev’s size.

Kalisto played it smart. He knew his limitations and never tried to take Rusev full on. The champ outsmarted the Bulgarian Brute. Kalisto is a quick wrestler and a quick thinker in the ring. Smart wrestling is a pleasure to watch.

Del Rio looked so miserable, sitting sadly in his underwear on commentary that I almost started rooting for him. His feud with Kalisto is starting to get more intense with every ounce of credibility Kalisto gains.

The Usos def. The Social Outcasts

The Social Outcasts are so brilliant. Losing Bo was funny. Heath, asserted himself as the one in charge again, being the only member of the group to actually know where Bo was.

During the match, Slater played Xavier Woods’ role. He was the spirit of the group and the biggest distraction in the match. Yet, neither Heath’s ringside antics, nor Axel’s rather impressive wrestling were enough to get the Social Outcasts the victory.

The Usos keep piling up victories but for what purpose. Haven’t we seen the Usos vs. The New Day more than enough times? The Social Outcasts vs. The New Day would be awesome and no one would care about the fact they are both heel. The crowd would love it.

Miz TV

The Miz does not get the credit he deserves. The A-Lsiter carried the entire segment. I have the feeling that this guy wakes up doing promos and possibly doesn’t stop even when he sleeps. Put a mic in Miz’s hand and he’ll entertain you for as long as he’s needed to. That monologue, turned into an argument with the crowd was simply amazing! The Miz should be treated with much more respect. He deserves a good title run.

Later on, Jericho had a backstage segment, which made me wonder whether he won’t be coming to ruin AJ’s chances of an easy victory against the Miz on SmackDown.

The A-lister won’t get a feud out of it but AJ and Y2J might.

Brie def. Charlotte

The match came off of a backstage segment where Charlotte picked on Nikki and took responsibility for her injury with pride. It made the champ sound like a proper heel. It was a big bonus for her.

Brie, on the other hand, is a terrible face. She just can’t act and she looks unnatural. Then again, it was a nice surprise to have Brie win. It might go into a Fatal-4-Way at Fastlane and I don’t mind. The Total Divas cast should be involved in actual storylines and not in those made-up, parallel universe Total Divas arguments.

Big Show def. Eric Rowan

The Big Show faced the Wyatt Family without their leaders and won. However, the numbers game caught up to him after the match and he took a beating.

The whole storyline came out of nowhere but I see what the purpose is. The Big Show, despite being a giant, will go against the Wyatts and will fail. So, when Brock eventually faces the Wyatts, it will look even more impressive when he defeats them.

Titus def. Tyler Breeze

After so long, Titus seems to be getting some sort of a push. His community work outside the ring is being praised publicly and he’s been given a victory after a victory.

Tyler Breeze, however, isn’t getting any of that. Unfortunately, he’s been reduced to a jobber. Maybe it’s too early to say but I don’t have a good feeling about his future under the current regime in the WWE.

Props to Titus for selling Tyler’s Half Crab after the match. He could have easily ended the fight and walked off, looking powerful. Instead, Titus limped to the back, making Tyler look strong in defeat, which I’m very grateful for.

Dolph Ziggler def. Kevin Owens

Despite not being a part of a big storyline, this was the match of the night. Ziggler vs. Owens stole the show and made me realize the shortage we have of these guys.

The way Owens trash talks continuously throughout the entire match and keeps a straight face as he cracks jokes at the referee, makes him one of the most entertaining heels the WWE has to offer.

The Show Off was finally given a victory. I was starting to get worried about him, getting lost somewhere at the bottom of the midcard.

I love Ambrose to bits but if he was going to be booked into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship feud, the IC title should have gone with Ziggler or Owens because right now, it’s just sitting on the shelf, undefended while these two great wrestlers are getting a very short amount of screen time and no storyline.

Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

That was one interesting divas segment. Team B.A.D. officially fell apart as Sasha not only left the team, but also rejected their ringside services.

The partnership between Sasha and Becky came to show us that Sasha is a face now. The crowd loved it and for the first time in a while we heard the NXT chants on RAW. When I hear the fans respond like this, I begin to hope for the Divas Division.

It’s an interesting development to lead towards a 3 face vs 1 heel situation at FastLane. Even Ric Flair won’t be enough to balance out those odds.


The bizarre Truth/Goldust segments continue. Truth is still playing hard to get but once this team forms, it will be so much fun to watch them. Appreciate these veterans while they are still around!

Ambrose & Reigns def. The New Day

The New Day opened with a lengthy promo, as usual. It frustrates me that they pay so much attention to part-timers, who are not really in a feud with them. And those “booty” jokes are getting a bit too much. Then again, bringing up the whole Ambreigns Tumblr business on TV was a brave move. I cannot believe they actually went there. The New Day still have some amazing in them.

Otherwise, it was a good match. The teamwork and the devotion from both sides was so fluent and so smooth that it made me wonder what The Shield vs. The New Day would have been like. That feud would have produced some amazing matches.

When Brock came out, the New Day’s involvement helped keep the balance in the title feud. The Beast left his mark on Ambrose but neither Reigns, nor Ambrose’s momentum was hurt because the New Day had already taken them out. Nicely done.


What re your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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