WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 03/02/2016

The Vaudevillains def. The Hype Bros

As a face, the Vaudevillains had lost something. Ironically, after losing the titles, they regained what made them a crowd favourite – legitimacy. As a heel team, the Vaudevillains take their gimmick seriously and fight with aggression. They are more men than gentleman and in wrestling that is a bonus.

Every time I see the Hype Bros, I get a heavy feeling. Zack Ryder looks absolutely miserable. He doesn’t seem to enjoy this gimmick, at all. I think he’s sad his career wasn’t a success and he sees no viable chance for a change in his duo with Mojo. It feels like he’s given up. It’s depressing to watch.

Carmella def. Emma

The WWE’s doing a great job of building Carmella as a #1 Contender. She’s been given a lot of promo time, interviews and actual victories.

Going against an established wrestler like Emma allowed Carmella to show some skills in a longer match. Having a younger girl job to her would have been a mistake.

I found it strange that Carmella looked so surprised to have won. Her character has never lacked confidence. She’s never been a pure-hearted, quiet, good girl. I expected a little bit more sass from her.

Enzo & Big Cass def. ????

Ever since Enzo and Cass dropped all the fun and the jokes, they’ve soared. The intensity in their promos and in every move they make in the ring makes the hair on my arms stand. With this tuned up gimmick they could be successful even on the main roster and that can’t be said for many successful NXT performers.

I only wonder if they’ll get a run with the titles before going to the main roster. Even if they don’t, the rivalry was worth it. Enzo and Cass vs. Dash and Dawson pulled out the best in both teams. It’s te strongest they’ve ever looked in the ring and on the mic.

Regal’s Decision

It was no surprise that Regal booked Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe for the #1 Contneder spot. The whole story with “reviewing the footage” was unnecessary as the decision was obvious.

Asuka def. Santana Garrett

When the fans chant “Asuka’s gonna killa ya!” it actually feels plausible. She comes off as a barking mad psycho and it’s awesome. There aren’t many girls on the roster that can hold a candle to Asuka in the ring. The only issue remain her mic skills, which are pretty much non-existent.

Santana Garrett had an amazing debut. For someone who we see for the first time on NXT tapings, she did remarkably well against Asuka.

Finn Balor def. Apollo Crews

The champ actually had a match! It’s quite disturbing that this brings so much excitement. It means that Finn’s not on TV nearly enough. There are plenty who want his championship but he rarely gets to defend it.

The match last night showed us exactly why Finn Balor is champion. Putting him up against someone as strong and as athletic as Apollo, turned Finn’s victory into a statement. Every move he hit, he had to hit twice and add something extra the second time. It made for and awesome match.

The show of respect after the match highlighted again how nice Finn is. If he ends up defending against Sami, there will be way too much sportsmanship in that fight. It would be hard to call it a feud. Joe, on the other hand, would bring contrast to the white honorable knight feeling that Balor gives off.


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