WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 04/02/2015

Roman Reigns def. Rusev /via DQ/

The League of Nations tried their best to distract Roman and yet they had to resort to an illegal attack and cause a DQ because Rusev was going to lose anyway. It feels like the League of Nations are not only jobbers, but they are Reigns’ personal jobbers. And when you think that I was actually excited when they formed. They are all very talented and they could have all been big.

Anyway, the entire segment was there only to set up a made-up conflict between Reigns and Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe came out to help and accidentally hit Roman, causing the announcer to go wild into building up imaginary feuds. It’s a very cheap way to book the Triple Threat and it’s not getting the people hyped for Fastlane at all.

Kalisto def. Kevin Owens

I have mixed feelings about what transpired in this match. On one hand, Ziggler vs. Owens is awesome. The way KO power bombed Kalisto onto Ziggler made me laugh out loud. Poor Dolph looked dizzy after taking that hit. Owens’ ability to talk and fight at the same time, paired up with Ziggler’s amazing selling skills and passionate delivery make for a great rivalry.

On the other hand, however, Kalisto’s booking has been very inconsistent. He got one good victory over Neville but everything else is made to look like a fluke. Quick roll-ups won’t ever make Kalisto look like a credible champ. Also, this title needs a real contender.

Ryback def. Erick Rowan

I have to get this off my chest. What on earth was Ryback wearing?! Those trunks are terribly generic, make him look smaller and harder to recognize.

Otherwise, the WWE is still trying to show us the Wyatts vs. whichever big guy is available, in order to set up the Wyatt Family vs. Brock Lesnar after Fastlane. It’s too obvious to get me to care.

Strowman is looking less and less intimidating. Pretty much anyone can toss him around these days. If the WWE were ever planning on making the Black Sheep feel unstoppable, they missed the moment.

AJ Styles def. The Miz

And just like that, suddenly, the Miz jumped back onto the radar. His performance in the ring was good. Taking the fight outside made him look like a legitimate threat to AJ Styles. That sentence alone would have been unthinkable a few days ago. Even though Miz lost, he was given a much better role than the usual.

I know AJ Styles isn’t considered great on the mic but this is getting ridiculous. His segments are entirely carried by Jericho or by the Miz. They just keep monologuing as AJ stares at them. If he wasn’t as established as a wrestler as he is, he’d have already been dismantled by the fans by now because of this booking.

The New Day def. The Social Outcasts

I had to pinch myself, I thought I was dreaming. The Social Outcast vs. The New Day. That’s a feud straight out of my dreams. The segment put the tag team titles back into the game and it pulled out some amazing contenders. The feud would be so fresh.

The wrestling doesn’t fall behind the mic work. The New Day are obviously a better working team. They’ve been together longer so their cheating antics are smoother. Hence, their victory.

I find it funny that both teams are neither face nor heel. They are trying to outheel each other and the crowd loves them for it. It’s something you don’t see often. The only issue I see is that the Social Outcasts are four, so they’d be too many to use the Freebird rule.

Charlotte def. Alica Fox

This match was not only useless, but it also made Brie’s victory meaningless. Charlotte beat Foxy and regained her position by not allowing a losing streak.

If Brie’s success on RAW was to have any meaning, she should have had a rematch against Charlotte and she should have won it.

A Fatal 4 Way at Fastlane would have been good for the credibility of the Total Divas cast. However, I’m not so sure whether Brie could handle being in the ring with three NXT women and still  come out looking like a decent wrestler.

Reigns & Ambrose def. Rusev & Del Rio

The made-up conflict from the beginning of the show continued. Ambrose almost took out Reigns again. The ex-Shield brothers won but there seemed to be tension.

However, this is utterly stupid. Ambrose and Reigns have been in a title match before, more than once and they always found a way to do it with respect for one another. They never turned on each other before, why would they do it now? What makes this fight so much more different than the rest? It just makes no sense to have them bicker like that.

As for the League of Nations, they continued to job relentlessly. How sad is that!


What are your impressions from WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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