WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 08/02/2016

Contract Signing

Lesnar is a beast and it cannot be denied. The way he manhandled both guys in the ring was as impressive as the first time Brock destroyed someone. Even as a viewer you’re never prepared for Brock. You may think you are, but once he starts tossing people around, you know you are in awe.

The crowd is torn between chanting Suplex City and cheering for Ambrose. Reigns feels like a third wheel in this and it’s because he lacks the personality the other two have. Ambrose, calling Lesnar an “overgrown ape” was gold.

Dolph Ziggler def. Kevin Owens

This feud continues to produce great matches. That’s not new. What’s interesting is that last night a bit of a heel came out in Ziggler as he cheated to win.

You could say that Owens had tried to use the ropes earlier, which made Ziggler’s move justified. However, it wasn’t that long ago when Dolph went and intentionally kicked Ambrose in the face when the Lunatic Fringe had come only to help him. It feels like the Show Off is dangling on the edge of turning any moment.

Charlotte def. Alicia Fox

Charlotte had another forgettable match against Alica Fox as the crowd chanted Sasha Banks’name. Charlotte’s reign has been surprisingly weak, knowing how well she did as a champ on NXT.

Miz TV

Miz TV turned the Highlight Reel as the A Lister and Y2J kept, trying to outdo each other on the mic. AJ Styles came to face Jericho and both of them did their best to make Miz look like the third wheel.

I don’t think it’s right to have the Miz and Y2J carry all the mic work for AJ Styles. I don’t think the Phenomenal One is THAT bad at promos. Also, if the Miz is going to do half the work, he should be given some credit, instead of being treated as a jobber.

Bray Wyatt def. Ryback

The match was set to be Bray vs. Ryback but in reality it was the Wyatt Family vs. The Big Guy. As a result, Ryback stood no chance, lost and took a beating after the match. It was one useless segment.

At least, when the hinted feud between the Wyatts and Lesnar happens, we’ll be granted the pleasure of seeing Brock take out all of them at once.

Adam Rose def. Titus O’Neil

The Social Outcast cracked yet another hilarious promo. The “Radical Mongoose” threatening to “mutilate the Florida Gator” was one of the most random lines I’ve heard in a while and it was brilliant. I cannot wait for a promo battle between the New Day and the Social Outcasts.

The match brought another victory to the Social Outcasts’ streak. Adam Rose looked good in the ring – something that we hadn’t seen since he left NXT. The Social Outcasts is a great opportunity for all these underappreciated guys to get an opportunity to shine. They are the fans’ newest favourite underdog team.


Ambrose got destroyed by Lesnar and he still kept asking for more. This is the type of “crazy” the fans want to see from Ambrose. Enough goofing around. Getting completely decimated, crawling up and calling back his opponent with a smirk on his face – that’s the Ambrose we’ve been expecting to see.

The low blow, as ridiculous as it was, was Dean’s point – regardless of his size, he’ll find a way to take the Beast down and he’s not scared of playing dirty. It’s only a shame that our hopes for Ambrose champion are being built up, only to get squashed at FastLane with a win for Roman.

Del Rio & Rusev def. The Lucha Dragons

As Sin Cara heals, the Lucha Dragons are back and my hopes for a push for Kalisto are destroyed. I don’t see Kalisto keeping the US Championship, while being a part of the tag team division.

Unfortunately, Del Rio will probably get his League of Nations buddies to help him regain the title at Fast Lane. Such a shame the WWE`doesn’t know how to utilize Kalisto’s full potential!

Tamina def. Becky Lynch

The WWE’s slowly working the partnership between Becky and Sasha. The Boss made it clear she was in no way in a hurry to turn face. Being tweener is enough for her.  She wasn’t going to get involved with Team B.A.D. to help Becky. She’d do it only for her own benefit.

Becky, on the other hand, has become the only believable face in the Divas Division. She sacrificed a match to help someone, who wasn’t really doing the same for her. You can’t be more face than that. Sadly, this won’t earn Becky a title reign.

The Usos & The Dudly Boyz def. The New Day & Mark Henry

The New Day and Mark Henry had their funny backstage segment and it was the highlight of their night.

The Dudleyz picked up the win and used the momentum to turn heel. The division needs a change, it needs livening up and it’s a good start. The Dudley Boyz became famous by being heel.  It enhances their tables gimmick. It was a good decision to turn them.


Daniel Bryan

It was a sad night for the WWE Universe as Daniel Bryan confirmed out fears and officially announced his retirement. Over the course of more than half an hour, DB, as humble as ever, thanked the fans and wrestling in general. He struggled to smile through it and as he teared up, we all did. It was an emotional farewell and most of us are still in denial. Hopefully, DB’s over that stage and he’ll enjoy what life has to offer him next. All the best, DB!


What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twtter!


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