WWE SmackDown –Review, Highlights & Analysis From 11/02/2016

AJ Styles & Y2J def. Axel & Rose

The Social Outcasts interrupted AJ & Y2J just when they were about to wrestle. There was only three of them but the comedy gold was pouring out of their promo. All the rest follow certain logic but Rose is just random, which makes for some great reactions from his teammates.

The entire story of the match was that Jericho and Styles were playing “What you can do I can do better.” The Social Outcasts weren’t important to the plot. Yet, both Axel and Rose showed those, who were willing to pay attention, that they have more potential than you might think.

Y2J attacking AJ Styles after the match was expected. Jericho’s been portrayed as a man frustrated by his jealousy. It’s a good, by-the-book feud.

The Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz wanted to make it really clear that they are heel now, so they decided to take a jab at Daniel Bryan. Yep, they actually went there. Needless to say, it had the desired result.

And to make sure that all confusion is cleared, D-Von and Bubba announced that they weren’t going to use any tables anymore. The reason, being that the fans like the tables and heels can’t be liked.

My issue with this is that even as heels in ECW, the Dudleyz got over through using tables. How is not using tables going to help them become better heels? It will only make them less violent. The way I see it, that doesn’t say “heel”, it screams “boring”.

Sasha Banks def. Naomi

Sasha and Naomi had a good, lengthy match. There was enough piled up aggression and realistic animosity between them. For once, the divas weren’t rushed and it paid off.

We all know the Boss is great but we don’t see Naomi often. However, Naomi was impressive last night. This girls’ physical condition is amazing. She had a series of fast kicks that happened so fast that the crowd just couldn’t believe it. The sequence pulled the audience back into the match.

Becky on commentary seemed reluctant to support Sasha. Then again, Sasha ended up saving Becky from Tamina. That stomp to the chest was jaw-dropping.

Sasha and Becky will win at FastLane only to turn on each other before they fight Charlotte. There’s nothing more to it. The only good thing that comes out of this storyline is that Naomi and Tamina are back on TV.

AJ Styles

For once, AJ Styles was given a backstage segment that was actually aired. He was brilliant in his promo. I don’t see why he’s been kept away from the mic so diligently. The guy can handle himself quite well.

The Wyatt Family

Bray delivered one of his lengthy speeches. This time he drew references from Greek mythology. Unfortunately, his words seemed to miss the mark. The crowd wasn’t as engaged as usual. It’s either because Bray’s parallels were too far-fetched or (most likely) because the fans had had enough of the Wyatts’ inconsistent booking. Nothing they say sounds real now.

On the other hand, I couldn’t help but get dragged into the story by Bray’s words. I’m a sucker for good poetic language in a thriller context. I secretly hope that there is a way to turn things around for Bray and give him the push he deserves.

Neville & the Lucha Dragons vs. Stardust & The Ascension

What year is it? How did the Neville vs. Stardust suddenly get resurrected with all its comic book references? Did the last few months never happen? That matched opened so many questions.

Then again, the high-flyers delivered a great spectacle. If we completely disregard the missing logic and plot, the match was fun to watch.

I continue to worry about Kalisto. If he merges back into the Lucha Dragons, there is no way, he’ll retain his title for a long time. A midcard championship is either worn by a singles competitor or by a guy in a stable, not a tag-team member.

Jericho def. AJ Styles

That match truly was awesome. It’s a sign of true class when two wrestlers can keep up the speed AJ & Y2J did without botching. It was simply a pleasure to watch these two legends clash in the ring.

That being said, each of them hit a backbreaker that looked too dangerous. Jericho seemed to just drop AJ on his knee. Whether it was meant to happen or not, they both recovered quickly, so things didn’t get out of hand.

I hadn’t noticed until now but AJ’s selling is amazing. Jericho tends to oversell from time to time but AJ’s right on point. You’d truly believe he’s in a world of pain. Also, his style is made for the cameras. Every shot he hits is picture perfect. AJ Styles will prosper in the WWE the same way he did everywhere else.

Jericho got the win this time and it was a clean victory. That’s to keep the rivalry going. I just hope we won’t get a continuous 50/50 booking. And, we need more of AJ Styles on the mic. Otherwise, this feud is definitely headed in the right direction.

What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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