WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 15/02/2016

Ambrose/ Stephanie McMahon

Dean Ambrose is selling that Triple Threat. There is a reason why he’s been given so much mic time, away from Reigns. The Lunatic Fringe brings something new to a feud we’ve already seen.

Stephanie, setting up Dean to lose his IC Title was expected. After all, Ambrose is so caught up in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship situation that the Intercontinental Championship is suffering. If it was to be used at Fastlane, the WWE needed to strip Ambrose from it.

Owens def. Ambrose, Ziggler, Stardust & Tyler Breeze

Ambrose lost his IC title the same way he lost his US Championship. A bigger storyline cost him his reign both times and the way to go was through an overcrowded match, set up by the Authority. It was the right decision for the championship but not for Ambrose’s character because I can’t see him winning on Sunday, so he will only lose from this angle.

It wouldn’t have been logical but I was hoping for a surprise victory for Tyler Breeze. Every time I see an opening for him, I’ll always support a twist in his favor. However, last night wasn’t meant to be.

Owens was the obvious choice for a new champion. He did a good job with the IC title and he already has a feud going with Ziggler. Despite my personal preferences for Ambrose, I’ve been saying it for weeks now – if he won’t defend the IC title, Ziggler and Owens should have it to boost their rivalry.

Big E def. Mark Henry

The New Day discussed music and offended Mark Henry PG-style in their Monday night promo. It was entertaining but it still didn’t open a championship match for them for Sunday. The Peep Show might be fun but if it doesn’t open an impromptu title match, I don’t see how it does the Tag Team Championship any justice.

The match with Mark Henry was awkward. Big E dominated throughout. Mark Henry attempted to look intimidating by the end but every move he made was painfully slow. And the ending of the match was botched. I don’t know what Henry was supposed to do but it definitely wasn’t that.


Unfortunately, I knew that with Daniel Bryan’s retirement, something like this was coming. Seeing Brie with a microphone despairs me. She is just so bad at promos.

The entire segment was painful to watch. Charlotte kinda kept it together but the lines in the dialogue were obviously rehearsed and acted out badly.

Thanks to DB, Brie might get a run with the title. She doesn’t deserve it but she might get it. Anyway, if Brie is to have a reign, the time is now. She has said multiple times that she’s trying to get pregnant. This might be her last chance to carry the gold and we might just have to suffer through her promos.

AJ Styles def. The Miz

Surprisingly, the Miz was booked to have a decent match. It wasn’t hard to guess that the A-lister would lose but he, at least, went out after putting up a god fight.

AJ Styles and his pele kicks made the fight that much more spectacular. Jericho on commentary was surprisingly unbiased. If he did have a bias, it was towards AJ.

Interestingly, in the promo segment after the match the crowd still responded to Jericho as face and treated AJ as heel. Y2J had to heel things up on his side by not accepting AJ’s challenge straight away.

The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley delivered another long promo, establishing for those, who had missed last week, that they were heel. There was nothing new or exciting about it. I even checked if it wasn’t a SmackDown replay.

Summer Rae def. Paige

This match reminded us that Summer isn’t just a valet. She is a decent wrestler, we just don’t get to see it. Then again, I wouldn’t go as far as the commentator, saying that this victory could lead to a title shot for Summer. She’s far from that. It was only a Total Dvias promotional fight.

Joining Total Divas was Paige’s worst mistake. It was only a matter of time before the show dragged her down. Paige built her career on being an anti diva. Being on a show, called Total Divas ruined that for her.

Paul Heyman/ Roman Reigns

Paul Hemyan is good but his promo made no sense. Telling Reigns to fight Ambrose was pointless because the two of them had never refused to fight each other in the first place.

The Dudleyz were there because they had nowhere else to be and there’s no better way to say “I’m a heel” than to attack a face.

Ambrose’s little shot at Dirty Deeds was throw in just to get the crowd excited. A feud between Reigns and Ambrose has no place any time soon. If the match was for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – yes, but it’s not. The next target is Triple H and Reigns will be the one to go after him.

Heath Slater def. Zack Ryder

The Social Outcasts are keeping their winning streak alive, despite Bo’s victory lap, trying to end it for them. Hopefully, the Social Outcasts can pull off the same surprise popularity run as the New Day. The WWE seems to be testing that option.

Zack Ryder brings me a gloomy feeling. He’s like the sad clown ,tired of his mask. His career is so far down the drain that he can’t be bothered to even fake a smile any more.


R-Truth and Goldust had a little Valentine’s Day segment. It could not have gone without an Attitude Era reference and a sexual innuendo, of course.

The League of Nations def. The Lucha Dragons & Neville

Couldn’t have Neville and The Lucha Dragons found another face to join them, so that Barrett would actually wrestle for once? The last time I remember him wrestle regularly was when he had his little social media feud with Wayne Rooney.

Del Rio’s finisher looks dangerous and not very plausible. He takes too long, so his opponents have enough time to get off the ropes. Also, someone will get hurt with this stomp sooner or later.

Del Rio won and his confidence soared, so he asked for a 2 out of 3 falls match against Kalisto. This time, when Kalisto wins, Del Rio won’t be able to claim it’s a fluke.

Becky Lynch def. Naomi

When Naomi’s Fury of Kicks came out that early, I knew the match was going to be ridiculously short and I was right. Becky won quickly, killing all suspense.

Sasha was never going to fight last night, otherwise she wouldn’t have come out wearing heels. This segment brought nothing to the storyline. Becky and Sasha are still not friends and Sasha is still not very willing to help Becky. Yet, they will still win on Sunday.

Braun Strowman vs. Big Show

Another show closes with the Wyatt Family. Bray’s promos on “a war against the giants” will most probably lead to his feud with Brock Lesnar.

Big Show, Ryback and Kane are just a distraction. They are only making the Waytts somewhat relevant, so that they look more like a threat when they attack the  Beast.


What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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