WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis Fom 17/02/2016

Enzo Amore, Big Cass & American Alpha def. Blake, Murphy, Dash & Dawson

The emotions were running high in this one. Both teams on the face side have huge fan following, so the reaction they got throughout was electrifying.

Usually, Gable is the main attraction whenever he’s involved, but last night the big guys of the teams had their moment of glory. Big Cass and Jason Jordan fed on the crowd’s reaction and delivered a spectacular display of pure power.

In the end, Enzo was the one to take the victory home for his team. He pinned one half of the tag team champions, so he and Big Cass might soon get another shot at the titles. This time, a more successful one. That, of course, is in case Enzo and Cass aren’t already called up to the main roster yet, as the rumours claim.

Asuka def. Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna Purrazzo delivered a bad, robotic promo before the match and then failed to impress in the ring either. She’s not a bad wrestler but she has no personality in and out of the ring. Such a generic persona would need a wrestling style that’s out of this world to compensate and she’s simply decent, which is not enough.

Asuka, on the other hand has the full package. I’m impressed by the diversity of moves she offers every time. She doesn’t repeat the same old in the same old situations. Asuka has a very intense style. She leaves no opportunities for breathers for her opponents. She simply dishes out techniques without a second to spare.

Eva Marie/Nia Jax

Eva Marie and Nia Jax seem to be after the title again. It’s interesting how Eva keeps talking about “we” and “our” while Nia always says “I” and “me”. It’s quite obvious who needs who in this duo.

Tye Dillinger def. Alex Riley

I can’t get used to ARy’s new look. When I skip the entrances and look at the match only, it takes me some time to realize it’s him. However, I love his new gimmick.

The crowd was on the wrong side of the fence as they supported the obvious heel in this – Tye. When Tye pulled a surprise victory, the fans were over the moon.

It’s possible that Riley lost because it’s a way to fuel his anger. However, losing a lot from the start, having in mind that you’ve just come back and the fans are not very supportive, seems like a bad booking choice.

There is a lot of anger and intensity in Riley’s character. I’ve been wanting to see this disgruntled superstar character for a while now. I was suggesting it for Brad Maddox when he was still under contract with the WWE but Alex Riley is doing just fine.

What I don’t understand is why the crowd’s against ARy. Much like the Drifter, Riley’s not getting the fan support. Both of them have dark, gloomy gimmicks, which is very much to my taste. Why are they not catching on with the NXT crowd? I’d appreciate some opinion on that.

Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn

How many times can you, being a referee, botch the ending of the same match?!

Although there were some amazing moments in this 20’ face off; although some of the counters we saw left the fans completely amazed, the entire match was overshadowed by its indecisive ending.

I can see that the WWE wants to go with a Triple Threat for the title but we didn’t need two spectacularly botched match endings for this. I think one was enough. Such indecisiveness reminds me of the main roster. We don’t want that on NXT.


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2 thoughts on “WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis Fom 17/02/2016

  1. “The crowd was on the wrong side of the fence as they supported the obvious heel in this – Tye. When Tye pulled a surprise victory, the fans were over the moon.”

    Um, Riley was the heel in that match. He’s been a heel since he returned. Also a fair share of the crowd cheered for Riley. Tye got some cheers and TEN chants, but I think the crowd was more into cheering/heckling Riley. A-Ry was even getting a Cena-like “Let’s Go Riley/Riley Sucks” dueling chant.


    • I also noticed the “Let’s Go Riley/Riley Sucks”chant but that was short-lived. Tye, though, got a good response throughout, he always does, despite being a cocky heel at the bottom of NXT.
      It might be that I have a skewed perception of Riley’s character. For me, everything he says in his promos is true and completely justified, so I take him as a rugged face, rather than a heel 😀 My worry is that whatever he’s playing, he’s not getting much of a reaction. A few chants here and there but nothing that can save him if firing time comes around…or maybe I’m being too pessimistic.


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