WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 24/02/2016

American Alpha def. Blake & Murphy

American Alpha perform with a certain level of confidence that they didn’t have before. For the larger part of the match, Gable outwrestled, with ease, both Blake and Murphy.

Jason Jordan got some chants for a change. He’s finally growing into an equally big personality as Gable. Well, “equally big” might be an overstatement but he’s improving.

The match was very much one-sided and American Alpha won. It’s only a matter of time before they get a shot at the NXT Titles. However that would mean that Enzo and Big Cass will have to lose to Dash and Dawson before that.

The Drifter

Elias Samson’s character has one of the most engaging gimmicks I’ve seen in a while. In his latest vignette he sang to a slow motion montage of black and white footage from his matches. It just made him look like a movie character even more. I do hope he gets a good push and catches on.

Apollo Crews def. Christopher Girard

Girard tried to show some personality so the NXT Universe would remember him. He did better at that than most people that come to job to an established star.

However, seen such a lightweight, managing to faze a man Apollo’s size even for a moment is somewhat impressive. It came off as if it was Girard’s wild temper that allowed him to overpower Crews for a bit before Apollo picked up the victory.

Crews is stuck outside the title picture and without a feud. Usually, in a situation like this, it would be Tyler Breeze, who’d come up to him and pick up a fight “to prove himself”. However, Tyler’s not around any more, so the WWE has to think of another solution to keep Apollo relevant.

Parking Lot Attack

We saw a security cam footage of Enzo getting attacked by Dash and Dawson, only to get saved by Big Cass. I’m mentioning this video because it’s a great example of how backstage “surprise” attacks should look like.

I thought that Brock attacking Dean on RAW was relatively believable but after seeing this, I know that once again, NXT did one better. The very fact that there was no camera man outside and it was all really security footage made the whole segment realistic.

Tomasso Ciampa def. Bull Dempsey

This match was absolutely pathetic. Bull’s gimmick is just sad. Not even being able to take off his t-shirt without help? I’ve never seen gimmick that screams JOBBER louder than Bull’s .

Tomasso Ciampa had to suffer through this comedy piece of a match that’s so below his level to finally get the much deserved victory and get out of there.

Eva Marie & Nia Jax def. Carmella & Bayley

The summary of this match is Eva got her ass kicked while Nia kicked ass. Eva is so bad, she can’t even take a simple bump without looking stiff. Her employment by the WWE is beyond me.

Nia is a power house, no doubt but she should have been DQed. The ref allowed her to break a submission, attack the other member of the team and drag her teammate back to make a tag, all right in front of the official. NXT usually doesn’t suffer from such sloppy officiating.

You can see that the divas are not used to dealing with monster heels. That happens to superstars quite often but the divas are struggling with Nia Jax. It’s a good experience to put her in there, to teach these women a lesson. I want to see Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax because I believe that the Boss can take her on and it would be interesting to see.

What are your impressions from WWE NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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