WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 25/02/2016

Triple H

My first reaction when I saw Triple H come out in a suit was to ask myself “Why?!” After seeing how well The Game works as a champion, why would you revert back to the Authority Triple H?

Then I realized that being the boring boss is the only way Triple H can be the heel in this. On RAW the crowd was ecstatic to see The King of Kings destroy Roman Reigns. However, Triple H, during his Authority speech, came across as a completely different person, much more “corporate”. That’s what a suit can do for a heel.

Then again, pulling out the bloody bandages out of his pocket was the definition of badass. I think the entire speech before that was forgiven and forgotten the moment the blood came out. There is no way Roman will feel like a face at Mania.

The League of Nations def. The Lucha Dragons, Neville & Ziggler

It was a good night for the League of Nations. First of all, Barrett was, for once,  IN the match. Maybe the WWE Creative stumbled upon my blog and decided that adding another face to the Lucha Dragons and Neville, in order to have Barrett in is actually a good idea.

Then, the League of Nations actually looked like a solid heel stable. They caused chaos and maintained it, so it worked in their favour. It was a well-played match on the heel side and brought them a victory.

I could again complain about the US title, being stuck in a tag team but I’ll focus on something more positive instead. The League of Nations might actually have a chance to rebuild themselves. If they wrestle like that every time, they’ll soon rise as a believable power.

D-Von def. Jimmy Uso

I have only one question: What was that?! D-Von won due to a distraction but if you weren’t careful you probably missed it because this “match” lasted UNDER a minute. That’s weak even for a filler!

Kevin Owens def. The Big Show

KO and Big Show had a little run in backstage and it helped the match get over as much as it could.

Owens sold Show’s offense and made him look strong. Even the victory was a mere countout and the champ was in a hurry to run away after the end.

Something tells me that this indecisive ending could lead to another Big Show vs. Kevin Owens match. What’s worrying is that the feud might carry on to WrestleMania and I’m not convinced that the fans want to see that.

Natalya def. Becky Lynch

At first, I wondered where this match came from but then Team B.A.D. got involved and it all became clear.  The WWE wanted to kill two birds with one stone. We got to see that Tamina and Naomi aren’t done with Becky and Sahsa, but at the same time, Charlotte had her opportunity to tease her two potential challengers.

I still don’t get what Charlotte wins from poising Sasha and Becky against one another. They have a match regardless of her involvement. Neither one would help the other win the title, they are not THAT close. It’s just a move supposed make Charlotte look more like a heel but is in reality pointless. It’s all most probably going to end in a triple threat.

R-Truth def. Heath Slater

The Golden Truth came one step closer to becoming a reality. Goldust helped Truth win, although Truth didn’t necessarily need it and it seemed to get Truth to warm up to the Bizarre One.

I think this partnership is taking too long to form. We’re gaining nothing from Truth’s continuous resistance. It’s about time they finally got together.

AJ Styles, Jericho & Mark Henry def. The New Day

Sometimes I think the New Day use the word “booty” too much. They were funnier before that. Selling their own cereal is unbelievably cocky. But then again, Big E and Kofi’s reaction to Xavier saying they take baths together was funny. The New Day can do no wrong.

The clash between Mark Henry and Big E is impressive, even scary. Imagine that face-off in a bar fist fight. There would be nothing left unbroken in that place at the end of that fight.

Although AJ Styles would do much better as a solo player, possibly saving the US title from oblivion, this team seems to be happening and it’s working well. Jericho, sacrificing himself to push AJ out of the way was a nice touch. That’s what a real team is like. We should see more of this.

I was against Y2AJ but I’m warming up to it. It won’t be a team that will last a long time but it can be fun while it does. I only hope that AJ will get some mic time in the whole story.


What are your impressions from WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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