WWE NXT – Review, Highlights &Analysis From 02/03/2016

The Vaudevillains def. Hugo Knox & Tucker Knight

This match was there to remind us that Gotch and English are still in the game but for what purpose? I had almost forgotten that the Vaudevillains were still around. There’s been so much attention on the NXT Tag Team Division lately and yet, the Vaudevillains were nowhere to be seen. Chances are they won’t get another run with the NXT titles but they’ll most probably would get buried on the main roster, so unfortunately, the Vaudevillains are stuck.

Emma def. Santana Garret

Emma is another great performer who got lost in the shuffle. She’s far from getting a shot at the NXT Women’s Championship but she won’t have a place on the main roster, either. That is a shame.

Otherwise, the match was very one-sided. Emma dominated throughout with the small exception of a brief window of offence for Santana but it only led to Emma locking the Emma Lock. We didn’t get to see much of what Santana really can do.

Austin Aries

Austin Aries’debut put Baron Corbin straight back on the map. After he got embarrassingly beaten by two people at the same time, Corbin seemed to fall to the back but his vicious attack on Aries last night turned things around.

It’s completely in tune with Crobin’s character. Aries is an indie darling, the exact type of a guy Corbin despises. Also, it was meant to be a hit on Regal but the repercussions will come from Austin himself. It will make for a good feud but Baron will not like the outcome of it, as he’ll be used a stepping stone again.

Elias Samson def. Steve Cutler

This was quite the manly standoff. Cutler and Samson tried to outmuscle each other from the very beginning of the fight. It fit right in with Cutler’s soldier gimmick. At least, the commentary team managed to make it look that way.

The Drifter has a lot of potential. He’s a character that tells a story in and out of the ring. However, the NXT crowd seems awfully quite throughout his matches. Hopefully, he’ll catch on with time.

Balor def. Neville

As expected, that was one brilliant match. There was a liberating atmosphere surrounding the action. It felt like both performers could give it all, without holding back because both of them knew the other one could handle it and NXT allows for greatness to blossom.

Neville took some nasty falls but that Hurricanrana from the top rope had me jump out of my seat. It was an amazing showing of skills and it makes it even more upsetting to think of where Neville is on the main roster right now.

Finn Balor might not have had too many title defences in his reign but matches like this one make him a great champion. However, Finn’s demeanour has started to change. It feels like he’s becoming more vicious with every match. He just might play the heel against Sami Zayn for the title next.

What are your impressions from WWE NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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