WWE Smackdown – Review Highlights & Analysis from 03/03/2016

Dean Ambrose/ Kevin Owens

Owens and Ambrose are two of the top WWE mic workers right now. It was quite a long segment that involved almost no action and yet, it was enjoyable to watch and I didn’t even once feel the need to skip ahead. This is what promo segments should be like.

Owens had a point though. It is true that Ambrose talks a lot but gets beaten up badly every time a physical confrontation comes up. The Lunatic Fringe should be booked to look a bit more credible in the ring.

I’d also like to mention that Ambrose’s idea of a cage match between himself, Brock, Triple H and Reigns sound quite alluring. That would be total carnage.

Sheamus & Rusev def. The Usos

The League of Nations positively are getting a push. Their winning streak continues. The one thing they lack is championships. If any of those victories over tag teams actually led to a title shot, I’d find it much more sensible.

The feud between the Usos and the Dudleys could potentially be good. However, it has the same issue as the League of Nations. What does a victory count for if it doesn’t somehow lead to the championships? And no, it’s not really personal because the neither team has come up with something that would actually make the “personal” angle work.

Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz

Dolph won faster than he lost the last time he faced the Miz and that says a lot. The match probably lasted less than a minute. Such a pathetic booking!

Nothing good can come out of this. The way it’s booked, this is definitely not a feud that will build a #1 contender for any championship. Such a waste of talent and time!


Now the roles have been reversed. Truth finally wants to be with Goldsut but Goldsut doesn’t believe him. I have the feeling I’m watching a bad soap opera where you know from episode 1 who’ll marry who but it takes the main characters 300+ episodes to get there.

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

Becky and Sasha were overdoing the “looking equal” bit. The match was shot for shot until Charlotte showed up and then Charlotte stupidly caused a double DQ.

I don’t understand why heels need to be presented as that daft. It was obvious that not having a clear winner of #1 contender’s match would lead to a triple threat. Asking the audience to believe that Charlotte, or even worse – Ric Flair, didn’t see it coming is disrespectful to the fans’ intelligence.

Aj Styles def. Kofi Kingston

The New Day are going down at Mania. Jericho couldn’t even be bothered to be present but AJ Styles still managed to outsmart and outwrestle the entire New Day, plus he slipped away from their plan to give him a post match beating. Enjoy the last days of the New Day as champions because this reign is ending!

Bray Wyatt

Another missed opportunity. Bray will face Brock at Roadblock, wasting the chance of pulling of the Beast vs. The Wyatt Family feud. Bray would get buried either way but the stable vs. Conqueror rivalry would have been more spectacular.

Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens

As Owens himself said, Ambrose had lost too many times recently. He needed a boost and Owens gave it to him. This is why the match wasn’t for the title and the rematch was never mentioned. The last thing Ambrose needs is yet another title caught up in this but Owens was the perfect guy to pull off a good match with.

The problem is that KO has nothing good planned for Mania. The Big Show, despite being a legend, is no longer credible, same as Kane. The IC title deserves better.


What are your impressions from WWE Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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