WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 10/03/2016

Miz TV

Miz helped recap the Zayn vs. Owens feud for those who weren’t watching NXT when it all began. That’s pretty much everything this segment did.

It’s astonishing that after so long the feud can pick up right where it left off. No heat’s been lost and the fans couldn’t be more hyped about it.

Neville and the Miz have no chance of getting the IC title right not. Owens vs. Zayn is too hot to be diluted by the addition of other characters.

Sami Zayn & Neville vs. Kevin Owens & The Miz

It’s remarkable how much a good storyline can bring to a match. Even though the feud is between Owens and Zayn, Neville’s wrestling seemed to have more purpose. It’s as if he was charging from Sami’s charisma. After all, before KO arrived, Neville and Sami had an amazing friend vs. friend rivalry.

KO vs. Sami Zayn will be a great addition to the WM card. The story is there, the wrestling is top notch and the fans cannot wait to see it happen. Also, Sami’s retribution and his main roster title run have been a long time coming.

Golden Truth

Those segments are getting worse and worse. Toilet humor, seriously? That’s definitely NOT what I’d bring back form the Attitude Era.

Brie Bella def. Summer Rae

We have to give credit to Summer. She might be the third wheel in this storyline but she’s decent in the ring. Obviously, she’s nowhere near Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch but she’s not worse than the Bellas.

Brie’s hijacking of Bryan’s fame is getting on my nerves. After more than 10 years in the business this girl still needs to ride someone else’s wave to be in any way noticeable. It’s just sad.

Lana came on top of the exchange once again. She can do one move, we get that. Now, it’s time to see if she can handle a match. My guess is that Brie vs. Lana will be sloppy.


Jericho turned heel out of jealousy. At least, that’s what the WWE’s going with. However, it hardly seems justified since the fans generally cheer the hell out of Y2J, even if AJ Styles is around. Basing a heel turn on the response of a home crowd to their hero is ridiculous. If you think about it, it’s funny.

Then again, wrestling more often than not isn’t about thinking. The heel turn was brutal and Jericho’s promo on SD was strong. The burning flames helped make the moment special. It was a good photo/video moment.

Sheamus & Barrett def. The Lucha Dragons

The League of Nations keep mounting up victories. It actually starts to look plausible that they’ll defeat the New Day at Roadblock. After all, if Barrett truly is leaving, this title run could be his parting gift.

I expected to see Sin Cara abandon Kalisto but instead the Lucha Dragons demonstrated their usual brilliant team work. This probably means that Kalisto will lose the gold, in favour of staying in the tag team division. He can’t have both.

Ryback keeps cutting those odd promos on the Lucha Dragons. He’s terribly patronizing but it seems like he’s still trying to convince himself he’s a face, despite everyone seeing him as a heel.

The Usos, Ambrose & Ziggler def. The Wyatt Family

Ambrose, Ziggler and the Usos seemed excited about the match when they cut a backstage promo. They were so into it that I almost forgot how pointless the match was.

It was simply four faces thrown in against a heel team without any of these men having any beef with anyone on the other team. Seriously, wasn’t there any match that could have been booked that could have furthered any of the feuds, leading to Roadblock?

The Wyatts lost to this conglomeration of faces. If anyone had even the slightest suspicion that Bray could possibly win against Brock, lost all hope when that happened.

Overall, it was a pointless match to end a boring edition of SmackDown.


What are your impressions from Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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