WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 17/03/2016

Roman Reigns

Roman came out and cut a badass (?) promo on Triple H. The question mark comes from the fact that for some reason, everything Reigns says sounds scripted.  It wasn’t a bad promo but it was average.

Coming off from the actual badass beat down he gave the Game, Reigns should have been fired hot but this segment felt like a step down. The crowd’s reaction was totally edited. Nothing new for SmackDown but it was way too obvious in a few spots.

Despite everything, I’m rooting for Roman. His gimmick isn’t working at all and I don’t see a way of making the crowd love him as a face. However, there must be a way for him to get better on the mic. Maybe he’d just feel more comfortable if he was a heel. Some people just fit in a certain persona better than others and face doesn’t seem to be Regins’strong suit.

Ziggler def. The Miz

The match was better than what you’d expect. It was more than 5 min long, which is a massive improvement on its own. However, it was utterly pointless.

Dolph and the Miz have no reasons to feud. Ziggler is being tossed from clashing with the Miz, to challenging the Authority and back. The Miz is going from losing to Dolph, to inserting himself into the IC title feud and back. The booking makes no sense.

Dolph and the Miz could actually be a solid tag team if nothing else works. I like Ziggler as a solo wrestler but he’s getting nothing at all. In some arrogant heel duo, the two could potentially have a title run and be relevant for a while.

Bubba Ray Dudley def. Goldust

The Dudleys are one of the WWE’s most famous hardcore teams and their heel gimmick is to say they won’t use tables, pull out a table as a distraction and never use it?! Whoever came up with this idea should be fired immediately.

When D-Von and Bubba attacked Godlsut after the match, it was a perfect opportunity for R-Truth to swoop in and save the day, thus FINALLY making the Golden Truth a thing. The Usos had to steal the thunder form Golden Truth, in order to try and make this feud with the Dudleys somewhat relevant but it still isn’t.

I do like the Usos and I wonder where things went wrong because a year ago they were the hottest team around. Right now, that improvised singles match between Goldust and Bubba Ray told a better story than the entire Usos vs. Dudleyz feud.

Charlotte/Sasha Banks/ Becky Lynch

Let’s gloss over the fact that every time Charlotte talks about that phone conversation she had with her dad when she came to NXT changes, according to what she needs in her current promo. Otherwise, the Divas champ played her roll well. Charlotte is a good heel, whether the IWC sees it or not. People loved her before she came on the main roster and turned, so her heel work must be working.

The match at Mania has the potential to be great but it needs to be given enough time and a good slot. If you squeeze the divas between Ambrose/Lesnar and the Undertaker vs. Shane, or something similarly stupid, it will be completely lost.

New Day

The New Day’s promos have gotten too obnoxious for my taste. This should be somehow a step towards turning face but it’s a step away from the audience that first made them popular.

Nobody over the age of 13 should find those constant booty jokes funny. The BootyO cereal is too much of a Fruity Pebbles parallel. This entire gimmick is getting too childish.

Kofi Kingston def. King Barrett

The point of this match was to give the New Day some retribution for what happened on Monday. However, Kofi still won by cheating. I’m starting to wonder if the New Day truly are turning face or this entire feud’s just a filler that eliminates the need of a title defense for the New Day.

The League of Nations looked like adults, dealing with some annoying, underaged brats. It doesn’t help their heel gimmick. The WWE did well on RAW, presenting the Lads as the villains but failed miserably at it on SmackDown.

The Social Outcasts/ Dean Ambrose

The Social Outcasts officially opened up the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal season. It’s no surprise that they already are bickering because of it but that won’t break them because none of them is going to win. But still, poor Bo, he’s the only one trying to stay friends with everybody.

Ambrose in his hometown, with a weapon should have had a better crowd response. The little videos in different locations in the city should have been enough to hype the crowd. His feud with Lesnar is the best thing in this WM’s season.

I couldn’t agree more with Paul Heyman. Ambrose vs. Lesnar will be the main event, regardless of whether it’s in the main event slot or not. That’s of course, if brutality actually is allowed.

Kevin Owens def. AJ Styles

Owens vs. Styles is a dream match the fans have been asking for. It’s a shame it happened on a simple SmackDown. Nevertheless, it didn’t disappoint.

What should be a simple clothesline got the fans to chant THIS IS AWESOME because even the basics these two can turn into gold. What happens when they switch up a gear is beautiful. Sooner or later this feud needs to happen.

Jericho cost AJ the match and so he spared both men a definitive loss. It would have been bad for both. On top of that, Y2J masterfully played his heel role to close the show. You can’t help but root for AJ Styles when Jericho is that great of a heel.


What are your impressions from WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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