WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 21/03/2016

Stephanie/Roman Reigns

When it comes to Roman Reigns’ promos, the shorter – the better. Not allowing Stephanie to pull off any of her regular shenanigans and declaring the he now was the Authority, was the best Roman could have done.

Had he been booked to have a long exchange on the mic with either Steph, or Triple H, it would have been painful to listen to. However, the silent badass gimmick fits Reigns perfectly. That’s what he was in the Shield and that’s the only version of him the fans ever loved.

It seems like Roman’s permanently keeping the ramp entrance. It’s difficult to hear the Shield theme song and not look up to the stands. It’s far less impressive. However, if Reigns also changes his music, it would make a Shield return that much more exciting when it happens, because it eventually will. The WWE always goes back to things that worked.

Kevin Owens def. AJ Styles

This was a copy-paste match from SmackDown. I’m not taking anything away from the wrestling quality of the match but the outcome was terribly predictable. You’d expect that this time, at least,  Jericho’s antics wouldn’t work but they did, in the exact same manner, as on Thursday. This is just lazy booking.

Jerihco’s cracking me up because he manages to take up a notch the douchiness every time he come out. His shirtless, scarf-wearing persona is so perfectly heel that I can’t help but love it.

Dean Ambrose

Another hardcore legend gave Ambrose a weapon. This “passing of the torch” has become way too literal.

Seeing the chainsaw, the crowd instantly erupted in CZW chants because of that infamous match at the 2009 Tournament of Death where Brain Damage “cut” Ambrose’s forehead with a running chainsaw.

The only problem I see is that the WWE is hyping the fans too much. They promise us bloody violence at Mania but the PG rating makes me wonder if the WWE can actually deliver that.

Big E def. Rusev

I don’t like the New Day as face. The New Day “love the kids”?! Really? No wonder this got cut out of the youtube video. I said it last time. This face turn is targeting the under 13 fan base and the jokes are going to become even more juvenile.

The match itself was average. What made it worth watching was the outside interferances. The only selling point of this feud is who will outsmart the other and it’s all about cheating efficiently.

Realistically, I don’t think the League of Nations have any chances. They might have more men put the New Day have been a working cheating machine for the last year and a half.

Big Show/Social Outcasts/Kane

The Andre the Giant Memorial is becoming more and more of a jobbers fest. Kane and Big Show are the usual suspects when it comes to this match. They always get involved because they have nothing else to do and still want to go to Mania.

Absolutely no one cared about this segment. The Social Outcasts are fun but they are only a comedy act and there’s zero chance they’ll get a push.

Jericho def. Fandango

It was a bittersweet moment, seeing Fandango on RAW. He hadn’t been on TV for so long that I thought next time I heard his name, it would have been to learn he’d been released.

What made it even sadder is that the match was a revisit of the one WM moment Fandango had. Actually, Fandango’s situation is so bad that even an interference from AJ Styles couldn’t get him the victory.

It was funny that AJ copied Jericho’s shirtless look. There’s something about wearing a jacket on a bare chest that instantly makes that person a whole lot more irritating.

It was also hilarious that Jericho pulled that unsuspecting guy there. It seemed like he wanted to use him as a shield but AJ didn’t chase him for some reason, so it all just looked awkward.

I hadn’t realized that Jericho vs. Styles wasn’t yet official for Mania. However, it definitely will happen, it just a matter of announcing it.

Sin Cara vs. Stardust vs. Zack Ryder

This must be the definition of a jobbers match. The action in the ring, despite being for a #1 contender’s spot was so irrelevant that all eyes were on the people outside the ring. How can you analyze a match if it’s only a background distraction to a KO vs. Zayn vs. Ziggler argument?

Also, how did  a triple threat end in a DQ is beyond me. All triple threats are supposedly non-DQ but hey who cares, as long as it furthers the plot, right!

Making this a 7-Man match is a great idea on so many levels. The more men, the bigger the chaos and that will guarantee the entertainment value. Also, Ryder, Sin Cara and Stardust are getting the WM moment no one expected them to. Then again, I would have had Tyler Breeze over Ryder any day.

Roman Reigns Parking Lot

Ok, logically, this was a very improbable situation. Why would Triple H come to pick Stephanie up himself? Why didn’t the limo drive off when Roman was approaching it form the side? Why didn’t Triple H lock the door? Why didn’t Triple H jump out to attack Roman and get the advantage?

However, this is the WWE and we shouldn’t overthink things. The fact is that Roman, being silent and deadly looked awesome. That’s the gimmick he needs. Too bad it’s too late to get the fans back on his side. Now ,a heel , silent ad deadly Roman could get the audience back into it, just saying…

Charlotte def. Natalya

This is yet another match we’ve seen last week with the exact same outcome. Charlotte was never going to lose to Natalya because she has enough other opponents to worry about.

The entire segment was pretty much useless. It didn’t bring anything new to the table. Sasha and Becky are still on relatively good terms and hate Charlotte, who’s dominating everyone.

Bubba Rey def. R-Truth

I actually looked for the SmackDown logo on the screen when I watched this. I thought it was a replay. Even the post-match action was almost move for move taken from Smack Down.

Truth and Goldust don’t seem to be a very intimidating team. They are not yet official but they are jobbing to the Dudleys already.

The Usos brought the one bit of entertainment this segment had. Bringing out the tables meant that someone would actually be willing to use props. This could even become a tables match at Mania.

And a side note, those sleeve tats make the Usos look so badass. If they were to change gear and go topless, their entire gimmick could change.

Vince McMahon

Calling the Undertaker his “bitch” was a bold move for Vince. It’s sad that the Deadman might exit the company in this disgraceful way. A loss could mean his last Mania.

It seems unlikely that Shane will lose, especially with a much bigger Authority storyline at stake. It was also suspected that this would be Taker’s last Mania but going out like this? Really?

Braun Strowman def. Dean Ambrose /via DQ/

The match wasn’t impressive. Braun Strowman was supposed to be the guy who Ambrose, Reigns and whoever else was helping them couldn’t take out. Now suddenly, Ambrose is just fine, dealing with him.

The most “edgy” thing Strowman did was to tear off Ambrose’s t-shirt. Ambrose, on the other hand, couldn’t deliver any of what the fans are waiting for because it wasn’t a non-DQ match.

As a result, Ambrose ended the underwhelming main event by attacking Strowman with a chair and getting himself DQ-ed. If this is what Lesnar vs. Ambrose is going to be like, the fans will be let down.


What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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