WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 23/03/2016

Johnny Gargano def. Elias Samson

Until now the Drifter’s been wrestling jobbers, so I thought if he’s facing Johnny Gargano, now we’ll see what he’s actually capable of.

The match itself wasn’t overwhelming. It developed at a slow pace, thanks to Elias Samson, who intentionally slowed things down to the point they stopped.

At first,  I wasn’t sold on all the confused staring and standing around but once the match was over and Samson used spacing out as a way to portray madness, I loved it. It makes his matches more interesting. An unstable man is unpredictable.

Apollo Crews came to the rescue and that means the WWE thinks Samson is ready for a real feud. That’s a good sign.

Also, I was impressed with Samson’s ability to express emotions on his face. The way his look changed after the loss and then when Crews arrived told a story. That’s a strong quality.

Finn Balor def. Rich Swann

We need more of Rich Swann. He’s had only a handful of appearances on televised NXT shows but every time he’s on TV, he’s amazing. The NXT crowd loves him too. It felt like they were giving Swann more support than Finn Balor and that is strange.

As for Finn, he’s changing. Lately he’s been more and more vicious. His eyes show aggression. He wants to finish off his opponents. He’s merciless. I see a heel turn coming.

Balor will probably lose the title at Takeover Dallas and that will tip him over the edge, turning him heel.

Alexa Bliss def. Sarah Dobson

It’s been a long time since I last saw Alexa Bliss in one-on-one action. She hasn’t missed a beat. She’ll be a good challenger for Asuka when she defeats Bayley.

The WWE must have plans for Sarah Dobson. Regardless of her experience outside the company, she’s not a regular on NXT but she was given enough time in this match to show that she knows exactly what’s doing.

No Way Jose

This is one of the strangest vignette I’ve seen, mostly because it doesn’t even look like a vignette.

You get absolutely nothing from this than the party vibe. All I can see is a wild party animal, but not goofy like Adam Rose, more of the alpha male type. Doesn’t sound like a gimmick that would work on the main roster.

Bull Dempsey vs. Danny Burch

This is how make a point! Samoa Joe just came out and too out two large men in under 5 min. The anger in his promo felt so real it was almost tangible. Only that one segment makes the feud hot.

If you’ve missed the news, this might be the last we see of Bull Dempsey, as he recently got released. It’s not a surprise. It’s the worst gimmick I’ve seen on the show. Yet, it feels somewhat sad to lose a regular.

Asuka def. Emma

Asuka never ceases to amaze me. She’s so quick and her arsenal is so rich that I felt bad for Emma. It must be terribly frustrating to get locked down every time you even try to move. There’s no end to it, it seems.

Emma did have some redeeming moments there. Dana Brooke also managed to put in a shot or two behind the ref’s back. Overall, the two of them created some sort of a predicament for Asuka but it  didn’t last long.

Asuka is ready to be champion wrestling-wise. I only wonder how the WWE will sort out the language issue.

What are your impressions of WWE NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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