WWE SmackDown Spoilers – Results & Analysis From 24/03/2016

Sasha Banks def. Charlotte

Sasha Banks didn’t ignore Ric Flair, she didn’t feel intimidated by him and she didn’t act like an indignant victim because he was there. She simply got in his face from the very beginning.

Becky Lynch was on commentary and I have to say that she has improved her mic skills massively since her NXT days. She sounded perfectly comfortable.

In all triple threat matches where some alliances may be expected, something stupid happens and the two “friends” end up clashing over some misunderstanding. Here it wasn’t even a misunderstanding. Charlotte blatantly pushed Sasha onto Becky and everyone involved knew exactly what had happened. However, it still resulted in a shove and an argument between Sasha and Becky.

When the Boss picked up the victory, Becky couldn’t allow to be forgotten, so she rushed in and attacked both divas in the ring. Sasha, however, is the last person who’d accept being outshined, so she took it out on Charlotte to make a point.

Sheamus def. Kofi Kingston

The New Day cut a lengthy promo, in which they roasted the League of Nations with all sorts of pop culture references, my favorite being “if the League of Nations were a Star Wars character, they’d be Jar Jar Binks.”

The match itself demonstrated how underused Kofi has been throughout his career. The first few minutes belonged to Sheamus but afterwards Kofi just exploded with a series of flying kicks and aerial maneuvers. He was diving in and out of the ring faster than the crowd could follow.

Kofi’s overwhelming style pushed Barrett and Rusev to get involved more than once to save the match. The ref just couldn’t keep up with all the shenanigans going on. In the end, the New Day got outdone in cheating and Kofi got destroyed with a Brogue Kick.

The Usos def. The Ascension

This was a very quick bout. The Usos entered, completely trounced the Ascension and then topped things up with pulling the tables out and delivering a top rope splash in stereo, through the tables.

It’s only a matter of time before the Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz match at Mania becomes a tables match.

Duddley Boyz/ Roman Reigns

Bubba Ray and D-Von backstage weren’t impressed by the Usos, stealing the thunder with the tables, so they started a rant on how much better they were than all the famous Samoans in wrestling.

This got overheard by Roman Reigns, who was already in a bad mood, so he demanded a fight. It was short and sweet. As I said last time, the shorter Roman’s promos are, the better. He actually sounded convincing.

Sami Zayn & Dolph Ziggler def. Kevin Owens & The Miz

This was, by far, the best match of the night. There was all sorts of chaos in this match and the speed at which the action advanced just got the crowd ecstatic.

Throughout the match, Kevin Owens evaded Sami Zayn in all possible ways. Miz wasn’t impressed because he was left hanging high and dry a few times. Owens attempted to walk out on him twice, the second one, ending with a Skull Crushing Finale by the outraged A-lister.

The issues between Miz and KO opened up for an easy win for Sami Zayn, who pinned the A-lister.

However, the action didn’t stop there. Sin Cara, Stardust and Zack Ryder got involved, in an attempt to show that they are not just jobbers, filling in spaces on the card.

It all seemed to come to a justified end when KO dropped everybody and stood tall with his title. And then, Zack Ryder jumped out of nowhere and took out the champ, becoming the last man standing. I don’t think anyone saw that coming but the segment ended with Zack’s music echoing in the arena. That won’t be the case at Mania but it was a god moment for Ryder.

Roman Reigns vs. Bubba Ray Dudley

This fight didn’t stay in the ring. It started outside and it ended there, as the ref called it off.

It seemed like Roman Reigns just snapped. He re-enacted what Triple H did to him on Bubba Ray. I haven’t seen Reigns, being so much in the zone in a long time. He was brutal and merciless.

D-Von came out to help but ended up getting floored by Reigns, who then came back to Bubba and speared him.

This is the Roman Reigns we want to see – silent, angry and destructive. Good job!

R-Truth/ Goldust

We saw yet another backstage skit, featuring the still-not-a-team Goldust and Stardust.

Goldust was painting his face in the bathroom when Truth came to nag him. Goldust tried to turn him down again, claiming that coming out to help him didn’t mean anything.

The joke was that Goldust wrote NO on Truth’s forehead to make himself clear but Truth, looking in the mirror saw ON, which to him was a the best possible answer.

All in all, this has taken so long that I don’t care about this team any more.

Lcuha Dragons/ Ryback

Backstage Kalisto and Sin Cara encouraged each other for the upcoming WrestleMania, dreaming about leaving as champions.

Later on, Ryback met Kalisto. Their encounter made me chuckle. Ryback got into Kalisto’s way, causing them to bump into each other but Kalisto was the one who politely said sorry. I thought that happened only in the UK.

Ryback produced so many size-related jokes in such a short amount of time that he might have broken some sort of a record.

AJ Styles def. Tyler Breeze

Finally, Tyler Breeze on TV! As predicted, he’s entered the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle. If he wins it, it would be even better.

The two competitors were very evenly matched. This comes to show how underappreciated Breeze is. AJ Styles was determined to prevail, though, so he even removed his elbow pads to deliver the Phenomenal Forearm.

On commentary, Jerry Lawler seemed to be pissed off that Mauro keeps calling the names of the moves, so he started to make up some as he goes to mock Mauro. That tells you who the better commentator is.

Brock Lesnar

Brock was out with Paul Heyman. The Advocate described with his typical persuasiveness the premises of a No Holds Barred Street Fight Match. Heyman reminded us something important – everyone talks about Ambrose, bringing hardcore to the table, but people seem to forget that Brock will also be allowed to used weapons.

Paul Heyman called out Ambrose but got the Wyatts instead. They were a man down since Luke Harper got injured in a dark main event earlier this week.

The crowd went nuts when Ambrose decided to come out and attack the Wyatt Family, in order to get to Lesnar, instead of simply waiting for the Wyatts to finish him off first.

Ambrose came equipped with the least effective weapon in the WWE arsenal – the kendo stick and soon got overpowered by Brock, who then proceeded to F5 him.

The segment lit some fire under this feud.


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