Best of RAW: Tumblr GIFs 11/04/2016

You want to revisit the best RAW moments of the week? Tumblr never disappoints! Here are the Top 10 RAW moments in GIFs.

10. Maryse Saves The Miz From The Horror of Domestic Water

Despite this being a comic backstage segment, it was one of the highlights of RAW. Not many women have the charisma that Maryse has. In one segment she made Miz’s A-Lister gimmick work better than it ever did in the last 2 years.


                 Credit: tapemachinesarerolling


9. Dean Ambrose Takes Over The Highlight Reel

This gif shows the Lunatic Fringe, approaching the ring with a potted plant in hand. The caricature look of this entrance set the tone for the entire segment that followed. Jericho vs. Ambrose will be less danger and more fun. Whether that’s good or not, I’m not yet convinced.



8. Enzo On How He Came To Be

Enzo is a natural on the mic. The things he comes up with are shocking in the best of ways. This week he scandalized RAW by casually mentioning his parents “getting it on”. Way to play with the PG boundaries, Zo!


 Credit: HitsmeKevin

7. Natalya  Looking Glamorous In and Out the Ring

Natalya faced Charlotte for the Womens’ Championship and I couldn’t stop thinking that Natty has never looked so good. Her presence and her wrestling were on point!


Isn’t she gorgeous?! Credit: jimdrugfree


And you thought Brock’s Germans were savage… Credit: wrestling-giffer

6. RAW Just Got Bulletproof

This week on RAW we finally witnessed the long-awaited debut of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. With Finn Balor, turning more and more vicious on NXT, and these two, wrecking the top face team on the main roster, it makes you wonder how long till the WWE officially opens the Balor Bulletproof Club.


Credit: HitsmeKevin

5. Roman Reigns Working Up the Heel Heat

Love or hate the guy, he’s going to make it. What’s so awesome about the post Mania era is that Roman seems to be turning heel slowly but surely. You can’t tell me that a booed guy will get that condescending with AJ Styles and will expect to be taken a s a face!



4. KO Goes Top Rope


Credit: tapemachinesrolling

Whenever you think you’ve seen it all from Owens, he hits you with something new. You’d hardly expect a Frog Splash from a guy Owens’size and simply look at the height he gets! Impressive, KO!

3. One Hell of a Spinning Uppercut

Cesaro didn’t let his opponent outshine him. Ever since he returned the Swiss Superman has been on a roll. That Spinning uppercut was insane!


Credit: wrestling-giffer

2. The Blue Thunder Bomb

AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn was real wrestling. There were plenty of moments to note down but there’s nothing like Sami’s Blue Thunder Bomb. Pure beauty!


Credit: HitsmeKevin

1. Bray Wyatt Orders Roman to Spear

The best moment of the night goes to Bray Wyatt. Despite all his unfortunate encounters with the Royal WWE Shovel, the Eater of Worlds is still the master of storytelling.


Credit: wrestling-giffer



What were your favourite RAW moments? Any gif to share? The Comment Section is open for you!


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