WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 18/04/2016

RAW was in London last night and the show had everything from crazy fall-outs in the Ambrose Asylum to a possible rebirth of the Bullet Club. The Payback match card acquired three additions and London got a little bit more Hollywood-like with the Miz and Cesaro, bringing A-list roles to the show. Here’s what RAW London was like.

The Ambrose Asylum

Shane and Dean were awkwardly friendly. These WWE Talk Shows are all about picking fights and this mutual respect and understanding thing doesn’t work.

The Owens/Zayn and the Jericho/Ambrose feuds got their respective matches at Payback. However, the booking makes both rivalries look weak. Zayn and Owens have much more at stake but Jericho vs. Ambrose is being sold as the bigger feud, although they are essentially fighting over a talk show and a potted plant.

Ambrose, caring about his potted plant rather than looking for a fight is a terrible downgrade after WrestleMania. How did we go from the thrill-seeking, daredevil, chasing beasts in bloody street fights to a mildly quirky, funny outcast, who cares about flowers and interior design?

Jericho def. Sami Zayn

The match was good, the crowd was vocal, the atmosphere was brilliant. However, I find it strange that Y2J is getting such a momentum. The WWE really is building him as a solid heel. He won his feud against AJ Styles and he’s been looking unbeatable ever since.

Zayn, on the other hand, seems to be on a losing streak. He hasn’t won a meaningful match in a long, long time. It comes to the point where Sami desperately needs to get a victory to look credible. You can push the underdog gimmick only so far.

AJ Styles/ Luke Gallows/ Karl Anderson

When this backstage exchange came up it immediately raised some flags. Yes, it’s thrilling to think BULLLET CLUB!!! Then again, things just don’t match. AJ Styles is a straight-up baby face while Gallows and Anderson debuted as heels last week.

Enzo & Cass def. The Dudley Boyz

The crowd was at its best during this match and the preceding segment .I couldn’t get enough of the ENZO AMORE singing chant. Neither could Enzo.

This atmosphere made this the most exciting match of the night. It felt like the fans cared and the performers in the ring delivered accordingly.

The outcome was to be expected and yet the way that Enzo and Cass won was extraordinary. You rarely see the Dudleys run into each other and make mistakes. Enzo annoyed them so much, they actually cost themselves the victory.

Roman Reigns/ AJ Styles

AJ was too friendly with Roman Reigns. It felt as if the crowd was supposed to give Reigns respect because their favourite was doing so. Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

AJ seemed to be unaware of the Anderson and Gallows attack. This could go one of two ways – either AJ will reject his ex-buddies and will start feuding with the, for which he’ll have to recruit a partner, or this is going to turn out to be a massive act from Styles and he’ll turn heel, winning the title from Reigns.

The problem with this turn of events is that Reigns’ heel turn is starting to look more unlikely here. Either Anderson and Gallows will cost Styles the match, or they’ll help him win. Either way, Roman comes out of this as a face and that’s a bad choice.

Unless…The only way this could turn into a positive is if the feud becomes The Bullet Club vs. The Shield. The would be one epic showdown.

Baron Corbin def. Fandango

There is no RAW London without Fandango. The WWE might not see potential in this dancing wrestler gimmick but the UK crowd simply loves Fandangoing.

Obviously, Baron Corbin wiped the floor with Fandango. That wasn’t enough for the Lone Wolf and he used Ziggler as a mop since he was already at it. Baron Corbin’s never looked so good.

I surely hope that Corbin will get the victory over Ziggler at Payback. Building all this momentum just to have him lose his first one-on-one PPV match would be such a waste.

Miz TV

This was one surreal segment. Cesaro with his best 007 impression and Miz doing takes on the Taken phone call over and over again. This entire storyline is so ridiculous; it’s actually oddly fun to watch.

Cesaro & The New Day def. Miz & The League of Nations

The New Day got some action out of this. With the whole #1 Contender’s Tournament, they don’t get to wrestle on TV.

Rusev, Sheamus and Del Rio all looked dominant in the ring as individuals. It’s amazing how mucho of a losers’ team they are together. The League of Nations needs to fall apart soon.

To keep this storyline alive, Miz will probably use Maryse to cheat at Payback and retain but unlike Zack Ryder, Cesaro won’t disappear after that.

Natalya, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch & Paige def. Charlotte, Summer Rae, Naomi & Tamina

Apart from the obvious benefit of having plenty of women in action on RAW, we got a very interesting ending to the fight. Natalya actually got Charlotte to tap out. It’s a bold move having your Women’s Champion tap out before a title defense.

Especially knowing that Bret Hart will be in Natty’s corner, there’s no doubt Charlotte will drop that belt at Payback.

The Vaudevillains def. The Usos

This was the second semi-finals match of the night but the atmosphere was quite different. The crowd didn’t seem to care at all. Even when the Whirling Dervish hit, the fans stayed pretty much indifferent.

I’m happy to have an all-NXT final of the #1 Contender’s Tournament but the outcome is predictable. Enzo and Cass are too hot at the moment for the WWE to miss the opportunity to push them for champions.

Apollo Crews def. Heath Slater

I’m starting to wonder whether Apollo Crews doesn’t have some personal vendetta against the Social Outcasts. Ever since he debuted on the main roster, he’s been persistently dismantling every single member of the group, multiple times in a row.

Adam Rose is gone, as we know, suspended for 60 days. The Social Outcasts didn’t address his disappearance and I’d be surprised if he rejoins them after the 2 months have passed. This wellness policy violation may cost Rose his last shot at a career in the WWE.

Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens

This what Ambrose should be doing – fighting. This show host role is so unnatural to him, at least as a face.

Kevin Owens was impressive and yet he was booked to lose. It makes sense to put him down, so he and Sami are on equal level after Zayn’s loss earlier in the night. Then again, it makes their  feud look much less important than the parallel Ambrose/ Jericho one.

Y2J saved us once again. His rivalry with Ambrose over hosting TV shows is blunt and unconvincing. However, Jericho’s heel work alone makes it feel intense. Well done!


What are your impressions from RAW London? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


3 thoughts on “WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 18/04/2016

  1. This week Raw London was amazing. It was nice to see Cass and Enzo defeated the Dudley Boyz. Y2J was Ambrose would be amazing. I was very happy to see Shane-O-Mac again running the show.


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