WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 21/04/2016

This week’s SmackDown had quite a lot of the Miz and even a bit of Shane McMahon. The Bullet Club plot thickens and the Vaudevillains clashed with Enzo and Cass on the mic. What else happened on the show? Let’s talk SmackDown!

Miz TV

AJ Styles seems adamant that he has nothing to do with Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows’ attacks. This could go one of two ways, he’ll either become their victim with Finn Balor, debuting as their leader, or he’ll turn heel, revealing that it was all planned.

Miz is at his best. He plays both his usual Miz TV annoying host role and the A-list IC Champion at the same time. Maryse couldn’t save him from the usual attack from the guest but at least, it wasn’t a full-on beat down.

Ryback def. Kalisto

I thought that this feud was all over when it didn’t get any follow-up after Mania. I also thought that Ryback’s comments in his latest interview, he’d be booked to lose as a punishment for expressing unhappiness with his position in the WWE.  Yet, he won.

I don’t understand what the WWE is trying to do with the US title and that’s most probably because they don’t know either. At this point, whether Kalisto is the champ, or Ryback, I couldn’t care less because the title is still going to be irrelevant.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin didn’t even allow Ziggler ot get in the ring.  Mauro was just saying that Ziggler had Corbin “firmly in his sights” when Corbin launched a blind attack. The timing made me laugh.

Calling for an interview as The Lone Wolf’s retreating from a vicious attack was an insanely stupid move. Luckily, it’s not the Attiude Era, so Rich survived without getting the End of Days.

For once, the WWE’s booking their NXT star well on the main roster. I like the build-up of Baron’s character. He projects the badass Lone Wolf persona and gets a reaction from the crowd.

AJ Styles def. The Miz

I wonder how the SmackDown card would get filled if Miz wasn’t hosting Miz TV, causing fall-outs every week. Regardless, the match was decent.

Miz might not have the same varied and complex style as AJ but he has the full heel arsenal at his disposal. The A-Lister can be found doing everything on the book – from hiding behind his wife to trying to walk out mid match. He knows how to tell a story and get the crowd to hate him.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows helped Aj Styles once again but they are also denying their connection.

The Bullet club storyline makes the fans so curious that Roman Reigns and his championship just merge into the background. His win at Payback will get overshadowed by Bullet Club and for Roman that’s a good thing because it will divert the fans’ attention and it will shield him form the hatred.


Miz wasn’t done. Two segments weren’t enough. He needed a third, so he got Shane McMahon to come out and punch him a few times too.

Whatever you say about the Miz, you can’t deny that he works the crowd perfectly. Some call him irrelevant but the heat he gets, he works for and that justifies his presence on the roster.

Natalya & Paige def. Tamina & Naomi

This match was simply a filler. It wasn’t relevant to any feud. It was meant to be a crowd-pleaser with Paige, playing face, and picking up the victory in her home country. However, the crowd was pretty much dead throughout. It’s just sad how much popularity she’s lost in a year.

The problem with the women’s division is that there’s only one belt and all meaningful rivalries are for it, so the majority of the women have nothing to do. That’s because of the lack of time. There’s just no time for the girls to develop feuds and all looks superficial.

R-Truth def. Fandango (Goldust Special Referee)

It was one of those matches that make you ashamed to be a wrestling fan. Fandango somehow got involved in this absurd love triangle between himself, Goldsut and R-Truth. Dancing erotically with Goldust cost him the match. It was exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.

In the beginning, the whole Golden Truth thing was fun. That stage is long gone. Right now, it’s just tedious.

Enzo & Big Cass/ The Vaudevillains

It was a nice touch to have a promo exchange between the two teams. Everyone knows that Enzo is one of the top speakers in the company and that hardly anyone could match his natural flow of words. However, it was a refreshing change to have the Vaudevillains hold their own on the mic.

English and Gotch delivered a well-crafted, sophisticated promo and it worked. They didn’t sound awkward or out of place. Their confidence makes you believe that they might have a chance at Payback.

What makes me wonder is why the WWE presents the illiterate guy as the face and the smart, educated one as a heel. It’s always been like that but it demonstrates the presumption that the WWE fans associate more with someone dumb. Maybe I should feel offended.

Kevin Owens & Jericho def. Ambrose & Sami Zayn

I’m so over these filler matches. For some reason, these two feuds are booked to walk hand in hand all the time, which blurs the liens and neither rivalry gets to make a real impression.

Jericho is an unbelievable heel. However, a match like this makes you wonder how competent WWE referees are. Y2J got involved so many times that I lost count and the ref didn’t seem to notice. This booking makes refs looks stupid.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the brilliant ending of the show. Kevin Owens screaming CANADA!!! And kicking the cab on the way out were hilarious additions. This man has so much character!

What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Tiwtter!


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