WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 28/04/2016

Are Gallows and Anderson working for AJ Styles? Is the Golden Truth ever going to be a thing? The end of the League of Nations and the rare appearance of Damien Sandow. Let’s talk SmackDown!

Roman Reigns/ The Miz

Somewhere in between the boos, Roman Reigns was trying to challenge AJ Styles on the Gallows and Anderson issue. Instead, he got the Miz.

I’m starting to wonder if SmackDown can kick off without the Miz. It seems like ever since WrestleMania, he’s been the star of the show. If it wasn’t for the A-lister annoying everyone, there would be no main events for SmackDown.

Cesaro, Kalisto & Sami Zayn def. The League of Nations

This match made no sense and its only purpose was to show the break-up of the League of Nations. After a lot of arguing and pushing around, all three members of the Leafue of Nations walked out of the match. That was one anti-climacitc count-out victory.

The face team was badly put together. It would have only made sense if Kalisto had tagged with Sin Cara but the Creative probably didin’t know how to get Zayn and Cesaro on the show, so they couldn’t pass the opportunity to stick them in a match, regardless of how little logic there was.

Baron Corbin def. Damien Sandow

Baron Crobin didn’t just defeat Sandow, he destroyed him. Sandow had no offense whatsoever and was simply used as a punching bag. Corbin couldn’t look stronger before Payback.

It’s sad how deep Sandow’s been buried. It’s so bad that he actually has no gimmick at all. The only thing he has is the support of the fans. The crowd still loves Sandow. Too bad the WWE don’t care.

Ambrose Asylum

Ambrose came out and cut a rough promo on Jericho. It was all brilliant until the Lunatic Fringe had to turn talk show host again. How are we supposed to take him as a serious threat when he drops his anger as a useless act and jumps straight into being a “funny” host.

Charlotte and Natalya didn’t need Ambrose there. They didn’t get into a fight and his presence didn’t further their feud in any way whatsoever. In general, this was one useless edition of this terrible talk show.

The best part of this segment was that the potted plant got a name. Meet, Mitch, guys!

Enzo & Cass def. The Social Outcasts

Enzo and Cass are the most entertaining team on the roster. They get so many matches only because the crowd loves listening to Enzo.

Big Cass cleared all three Social Outcast members on his own before ending the match.

The Vaudevillains and the New Day were barely involved. They were simply present. Then again, I have to admit, the New Day kicking the announce team off the announce table was funny.


I’m starting to wonder if the Golden Truth ever will be a thing. Now, Goldust wants it and Truth is against…AGAIN.

Tyler Breeze got dragged into this, as now the Gorgeous Truth is apparently a thing.

As much as I hate this storyline, Truth’s homemade selfie stick was awesome. Also, Fandango’s never been closer to Creepy Curtis.

In the end, we might end up with Golden Truth and Fandango & Tyler Breeze

Apollo Crews def. Stardust

Crews vs. Stardust has the potential to be a solid feud. If the WWE goes down the route they mentioned on RAW, where Apollo was praising Dusty, Stardust could have an existential crisis because he wants to dissociate with Cody.

Then, Apollo would get the victory in the rivalry and Stardust would break down, bringing Cody back. It would be good for both – Crews would win a feud and Cody would get a push.

However, it seems like the WWE want to play at a simple series of matches where Stardust jobs to Crews. Such a waste!

Roman Reigns def. The Miz

When you look at the Miz, you get the impression that Maryse vs. Roman Reigns will be a more hardcore match. Yet, the A-lister did well.

The Miz is not the most technical guy on the roster but compared to Reigns, he’s quite good. Also, the IC champ is very aware of his surroundings and knows how to cheat successfully.

Despite everything, Roman won. No surprises there. I can’t remember the last time Reigns lost a singles match. It’s getting ridiculous.

In the end, Gallows and Anderson got involved. The Usos jumped in and it was all chaos. I’m buying AJ’s story of not having asked for this because I don’t see why the WWE would turn him heel on Reigns now. It would be just stupid. It’s more likely to be an elaborate trap, organized by Finn Balor to make AJ look bad and then to destroy him.


What are your impressions from WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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