WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 02/05/2016

This was the first edition of RAW under the new combined rule of Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Harts and Flairs clash, the Ambrose Asylum gets cancelled and the Bullet Club plot thickens. Let’s talk RAW!


Stephanie adopted a diplomatic approach and has been showing nothing but double-faced sweetness towards her brother. The WWE’s going to play it slowly like that for a while, so when the McMahons fall out officially, it will be spectacular.

Kevin Owens was absolutely right. His rematch clause never got invoked. Too bad the WWE doesn’t care.

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

There was never going to be a clean finish to this match. With the Miz and Sami Zayn involved, chaos was guaranteed.

On one hand, this storyline brings more quality wrestlers into the title hunt. On the other, the WWE’s once again relying on numbers, rather than storytelling. It’s much easier to create excitement with a few people jumping in, rather than putting the effort into building detailed plots.

Tyler Breeze def. Goldust

I give up. This storyline is endless.

The match was a joke too. Suggestive hip thrusting caused a distraction, which cost Goldust the match.

The difference between NXT and the main roster is that on NXT people are judged on how well they paly their character and how good they wrestle. Stereotypical labels don’t apply to NXT. There Tyler Breeze, despite his gimmick, was a force to be reckoned with. On the main roster he’s a jobber.

New Day/ Dudley Boyz/ The Vaudevillains/ Big Cass

The New Day have lost all steam. Their promos aren’t nearly as entertaining as they used to be. At least, they made sure to officially address Enzo’s release from the hospital. Such a bad time to get injured! Let’s just hope that Enzo will be back soon.

Aiden English’s singing is back and it makes me strangely happy. However, the strongest moment in the segment by far was Cass, coming out to take on everybody for Enzo. That sort of a relationship between teammates gets the crowd invested.

New Day & Big Cass def. The Dudley Boyz & The Vaudevillains

Well, it was obvious that Big Cass was going to get the pin. It was the least his team could get after the unfortunate events of Payback.

The problem is that, taking Enzo out, also hurts the Vaudevillains. They didn’t get the exposure they should have at the PPV. The fans adored Enzo and Cass before but now there’s a serious issue involved and the love of the fans is even more overwhelming. The Vaudevillains will struggle to shine in this environment.

Emma def. Becky Lynch

I expected more form this match but the booking was weak. Apparently Emma attacked Becky’s “injured eye”. A poke to the eye works every time whether the eye has been previously hurt, or not.

It was a cheap way out. Emma won’t be taken seriously if she’s booked to cheat to win. The women’s division needs a strong female heel, who doesn’t need crutches to limp into a victory.

Ambrose Asylum

The Ambrose Asylum got cancelled and it was a good call. Ambrose should not be stuck in such a tame role. Stephanie might have gotten booed for stopping Dean’s show but she did him a favour.

When Jericho took the potted plant, I first thought: NO, MITCH,NO! Then, when he actually broke it into Ambrose’s skull, it made me cringe. That sort of a shot to the back of the head is dangerous.

US Title #1 Contender’s Match

This matched showed us a few things. The WWE has no intention of giving Sandow a chance.

Apollo Crews might have won a few matches but he’s nothing but a jobber. He got eliminated early and without any trouble.

Baron Corbin isn’t getting the push I expected. In fact, I was certain he was going to win. Instead, the Lone Wolf got tossed out by Ziggler early on. Causing Dolph to lose didn’t necessarily compensate for that.

Zack Ryder got a mad pop from the crowd but it was obvious he was going to be used to draw heat to the heel winner.

Rusev could be a good choice. He can easily defeat Kalisto and have another monster heel run with the US title. However, in reality, the WWE’s probably going to book Rusev to win the belt, only to drop it to Cena the next day.


After the lame reproduction of the Montreal Screwjob at Payback, Charlotte dragged this overused plot onto RAW. It all ended with Natalya locking the Sharp Shooter on Ric Flair. It gave no one any satisfaction and the crowd couldn’t care less.

A submissions match at Extreme Rules, without Ric Flair could be Charlotte’s shot at redemption. If the WWE is hell bent on going ahead with her push, she needs to win on her own.

Styles, Gallows & Anderson def. Reigns & The Usos

The Bullet Club has too much hype to lose such a match but Roman couldn’t be pinned because it appears the WWE thinks it would somehow make him look weaker. It was predictable that one of the Usos would take the fall.

AJ keeps trying to be the good guy and it’s going to cost him. His friends will turn on him because his face antics get them hurt every time. Roman seems to be blind to all that and simply rages on, ending every show, standing tall. The WWE’s really not doing the guy nay favours by making him that invincible.


What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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