WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 04/05/2016

Eric Young, Samoa Joe & Austin Aries all on the same show? Nia Jax -a beautiful monster in destructive mode? Yes, it’s all on NXT!

Samoa Joe/ Eric Young

Eric Young made his NXT debut and it was epic. When a guy comes out and transmits that much character in a 2min promo, you know you’ve got gold. Even those who’ve never heard of Eric Young couldn’t escape that charisma.

Then again, thinking Samoa Joe would lose would be ludicrous. Joe is going to have a long reign. He’s possibly the most dominant champion NXT has ever seen.

Nia Jax def. Tessa Blanchard

Tessa is a second generation wrestler and the announce team made sure the audience knew that. However, that didn’t stop Nia Jax from completely decimating that girl.

The WWE’s rebuilding Nia Jax because the people had forgotten about her. I like how she walks down the ramp with a straight, almost bored facial expression and delivers her finisher the exact same way, like there’s no challenge in this for her.

Austin Aries def. Tye Dillinger

You must love the NXT crowd! Even knowing how famous Austin Aries is, the fans still kept chanting Perfect 10 for their boy – Tye Dillinger. The NXT fans are incredibly supportive and they appreciate talent.

Tye got destroyed by Austin Aries but that’s normal. Aries is going to climb the ranks but the WWE’s not rushing it. It’s a smart move. Throwing Aries directly at Samoa Joe and the title would be a mistake. Joe just won it. It’s too early.

Alex Riley

ARy cut a backstage interview and it was awesome! This guy has so much charisma! The way he described his future match against Shinsuke Nakamure, you’d almost believe he had a chance. Riley deserves a good push.

The Revival def. The Hype Bros

The Revival are back on a winning streak. That’s not surprising, knowing that they are the only legitimate heel team on the roster. Dash and Dawson have never looked better.

The Hype Bros simply make me sad. They are two grown men, pretending to be frat boys. In Zack Ryder’s case it couldn’t be more of a sad clown under the mask situation. I don’t know how long he can keep going.

No Way Jose def. Noah Potjes

No Way Jose is one of the stupidest wrestling manes I’ve ever heard. Although I’m a strong believer in NXT and all its characters, I can’t take this gimmick seriously. Fandango looks way more credible than that.

Samoa Joe def. Eric Young

Young not only lost his debut match but he was also made to pass out. The crowd booed but it was a harsh lesson – Samoa Joe is THE MAN on NXT.

Building this unbeatable monster heel persona is the best course of action. Joe fits the glove perfectly and this sort of a character brings out the best in his face opponents, so it’s a win-win situation.

As for Eric Young, he hasn’t really lost anything here. His in-ring psychology was completely mental. His mannerisms and facial expressions are unmistakable. He left his mark without a doubt.


What are your impressions from NXT? Share your thoughts on in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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