WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 05/05/2016

The Intercontinental Championship chase intensifies, as Jericho starts a fire on the Highlight Reel. The Bulgarian Brute is back on a path of domination with Kalisto, having to step up his game. And Roman Reigns might just push AJ Styles to go extreme. Let’s talk SmackDwon!

The Highlights Reel

On the Ambrose/Jericho arc, things are on track. Y2J fits in the talk show host role much better. Taking Ambrose out gives the rivalry real fuel. Now they are not just fighting over talk show rights. And as serious as it gets, it still made me laugh. The Mitch signs in the audience made my night!

Miz and Sami Zayn argued back and forth but something was missing. Miz brings good mic skills to the table, which should compensate for Sami’s lack of such. However, Miz never wins anything, at least, not without cheating, so he lacks the credibility to pull off a legitimately interesting feud.

And, once again, a talk show and the Miz were necessary to get SmackDown going. It’s getting repetitive.

Sami Zayn def. The Miz /via DQ/

The moment Kevin Owens walked out, it was clear that we were not going to get a match but we’d have awesome commentary instead.

The DQ was to be expected. After all, Cesaro was the only one who’s involved in the feud and hadn’t been on the show yet, so he needed an excuse to attack Owens and the Miz. Stripping on the way to the ring but still keeping the sunglasses was hilarious.

The Miz will never look like a threat if he can’t win anything. It’s not good for the title to keep the champion so low.

The Vaduevillains def. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel

The match was short and the Vaudevillaisn won. This, however, was so predictable that I spent most of the match, googling why Heath Slater was nowhere to be found, instead of watching.

Big Cass, getting involved is a good sign. It means Enzo is expected to be back very soon ,so the WWE’s keeping the feud alive until his return.

However, allowing Cass to destroy the Vaduevillaisn on his own, kills their momentum. English and Gotch looked weak and with the shortage of strong heel teams that was a bad choice.

Natalya & Becky Lynch def. Emma & Charlotte

The match was sloppy and slow at times but it didn’t have any major screw-ups. The one thing that made an impression on me was that Becky vs. Emma looked like a more naturally heated rivalry than Charlotte vs. Natalya, despite everything suggesting that it should be otherwise.

Becky had the best performance in the match. She moves so quickly and so smoothly that she made Natty look almost sluggish.

As for Emma, she needs to get some victories. Attitude and good wrestling are not enough when you never win.

Rusev def. Zack Ryder

Despite getting a huge bump on his head, Rusev squashed Ryder. The Bulgarian Brute is rebuilding his monster heel persona. The Accolade is back. It’s been ages since it was last successful.

Rusev has so much charisma. Just check out his interview with Cole on the WWE’s YouTube channel. It’s brilliant! It’s a good decision to get him involved with the title again.

Kalisto, performing a hit and run on Rusev was hilarious. That’s the most interesting thing he’s done so far in his reign.

Truth/Goldust/Fandango/Tyler Breeze

Hopefully, this rubbish storyline is going to end next week in the tag team match. Goldust and R-Truth should just take each other.

Reigns & The Usos def. Gallows, Anderson & Styles

This started off as a tag team match but we all knew it was going to turn out to be a 6-man tag in the end.

The outcome of this match was one of the most frustrating things to watch. Regardless of how many times Reigns got hit and how many interferences there were, he could never be pinned. I don’t know if the WWE’s doing this on purpose or not but they might have killed off the remaining Reigns fan base with that. No one wants another superman.

What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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