WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 09/05/2016

Vengeance for Mitch and more talent gets opportunities under the new Shane & Stephanie rule. The love rectangle between Goldango and the Gorgeous Truth is still in full swing and meanwhile an NXT duo reforms on the show. Let’s talk RAW!

The Highlight Reel

Isn’t it utterly ridiculous that Jericho actually was right – the WWE Universe did give more attention to Mitch The Potted Plant, being destroyed, rather than to Dean Ambrose himself. This is the wrestling equivalent of seeing a human and a dog dying in a movie and caring more about the dog.

Big Cass is doing quite well on his own, regardless of the small and rather irritating group of people, chanting WHERE’S ENZO. The only problem with that might be that by the time Enzo comes back, Cass might have already been noticed as a solo act and that would break a great team.

Baron Corbin def. Dolph Ziggler

I don’t like the way Corbin vs. Ziggler is being booked. It’s becoming very similar to Tyler Breeze’s feud against Dolph. It all started from nowhere but lasted too long without adding anything to the table and in the end the fans couldn’t care less about the rivalry and the people in it.

Corbin is good. His character has a chance to catch on but he needs to move away from Ziggler. The Lone Wolf must get involved in a more interesting and meaningful feud if he’s to truly get over.

R-Truth def. Fandango

This stupidity is still going on. Unintentional distraction from Godlsut cost Fandango the match and got Breeze knocked off the apron, which caused a lot of soap opera drama with Truth and Breeze fighting backstage after the match.

This storyline is bad and it should not exist. Period. Let’s just hope that SmackDown will finally put an end to it.

Paige def. Charlotte

Without Ric Flair by his side, Charlotte still kept the tricksy heel routine. She ran around and tried to cheat. She got the heat she was looking for but a heel like that will never be a legitimate threat.

Natalya on commentary is cringe-worthy. She can’t act at all. At least, she’s good in the ring.

Seeing Paige wrestle and the way the crowd responded to her made me wonder what happened to her. She’s one of the best and she’s over. Total Divas is a curse to actual wrestlers.

Shane, getting Ric Flair kicked out, didn’t have the desired effect. It wasn’t particularly exciting or unexpected. Unfortunately, I won’t be surprised if we see Ric Flair being a big part of Extreme Rules too.

Sami Zayn def. The Miz

The moment Sami got this match with the stipulation that a win would get him a spot in the title match, it was certain that Maryse could not save the Miz. All the cheating in the world wouldn’t have been enough to get Sami to lose. He was needed to complete the two feuds scheme in the Fatal 4-Way.

Has Miz won anything after defeating Zack Ryder? It feels like he loses all the time. The WWE really doesn’t want him to look like a credible champion.

Becky Lynch/Emma

So here comes Dana Brooke. She’s keeping her NXT gimmick as Emma’s sidekick. I’m not sure how well this will work on the main roster. Naomi and Tamina didn’t really gain anything from their partnership.

Sin Cara def. Rusev

What is the WWE thinking here?! Having distractions cost Rusev the match was unnecessary. Isn’t Rusev meant to be the heel? The way things are going I’m siding with the Bulgarian Brute here.

The Club vs. Reigns & The Usos

It’s funny how the WWE couldn’t use the Bullet Club so they had to mystically refer to them as “The Club”.

I expected to see 1vs. All , so when it came down to AJ vs. Roman, it was a bit of a surprise. However, it didn’t make things better. Reigns still is booked to be able to overcome the entire Bullet Club on his own.

Making AJ Styles look weak in front of Reigns is just stupid. It only fuels the fans’ hatred for Reigns.

Kevin Owens def. Zack Ryder

Kevin Owens just squashed Ryder. Poor Zack! His chances of success are nonexistent and the WWE’s just playing with that.

Owens has a point. In this “new era” he’s not getting any chances. I get faces getting opportunities more often but threatening to take away opportunities from the heels, although they’ve earned it is a heel move in itself.

The Dudley Boyz def. The New Day

The New Day had a completely bizarre promo, bowing down to “the booty”. I think I’ve lost my taste for the New Day’s jokes because I found this segment weird but not in a good way.

The Vaudevillains got involved and cost the New Day the match but I’m not convinced that the Vaudeviallins are taken seriously enough yet. I’m not sure they ever will on the main roster.

Jericho vs. Big Cass

Kill the Jacket- Revenge for the Potted Plant. If this segment was a movie, that could have been the title. As ridiculous as it sounds, it was strangely intense. Jericho sold his frustration and suffering over the ruined jacket brilliantly.

And Big Cass – just wow! Cass got slapped and then he simply manhandled Jericho. This guys is impressive. As I said, I only hope they won’t break him away from Enzo.

I’m trying to figure out what the stipulation could for Jericho vs. Ambrose at Extreme Rules. No Holds Barred could be a good option.


What are your impressions from WWE Raw? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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