WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 16/05/2016

The Golden Truth and the Shining Stars finally made their RAW debut. The first ever Asylum match was booked and we learnt that no one likes anyone on the IC title scene. Also, AJ Styles finally got the better of Roman Reigns. Let’s talk RAW!

AJ Styles/Roman Reigns

The moment Reigns’ music hit, the crowd started booing and JBL’s reaction was “What an ovation!” The WWE is so consistently delusional that it makes the mind boggle.

Roman acknowledged the WE WANT ROLLINS chants and it made me wonder if he’s smart enough to actually be fueling a feud that hasn’t started yet or that was just a random remark.

I wonder if the WWE Creative really expect the fans to somehow perceive Styles as a heel because that is most definitely not happening.

Having Reigns and Styles in their respective team’s corner is far from being a novel decision. They would have been there any way.

Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

Cesaro vs Zayn in the ring with KO vs. Miz on the mic sounds like perfection but it wasn’t allowed to happen. Instead, Shane decided to play Teddy Long and make a tag team match. Fortunately, Stephanie was there to spice things up.

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens def. Cesaro & The Miz

Obviously, no partnership could have been expected to come out of this. The superstars involved did a brilliant job of make it absolutely clear that in this Fatal 4-Way no one likes anyone.

Also, no one lost momentum in this because the loss wasn’t clean by any means. In general, the storytelling in this match was great.

Seeing Owens stand tall at the end feels natural. Realistically, he’s the best champion material out of all four.

The Shining Stars def. Local Athletes

Primo and Epico debuted their latest gimmick and it’s as terrible as predicted. What kind of a wrestling character makes his top priority to prompt the viewers to visit Puerto Rico? They sound like weird travel agents.

Their opponents were introduced as Scott Jackson and Brian Kennedy. Too bad that “Scott Jackson” had his Skyler trunks on.


Ambrose and Jericho continue to crate miracles on the mic from this deadbeat feud material. The WWE can be thankful that both superstars are incredibly gifted talkers.

The horror movie theme that played as the cage lowered above the ring made me laugh. This was so close to a low budget horror flick that it made me doubt if I’d be able to take this Asylum match seriously. I imagine it will be just another boring gimmick match.

The potted plant, hanging above the ceiling was a good sign of self-irony.

Dana Brooke def. Becky Lynch

Emma’s injured and this, as sad as it is for the Australian, it gives Dana Brooke the opportunity to get out of the sidekick role.

Dana grew on me with time. She seems to work hard to fit in the wrestling business. I’m more interested in Dana vs. Becky than Charlotte vs. Natty at this point.

The match ended weirdly with Dana sitting on top of Becky and essentially beating her simply because she’s heavier. Regardless, Dana won and true to her character, she couldn’t care less how she did it.

Breezedango def. Golden Truth

The Golden Truth montage was so cheesy it blurred the lines between ridiculous and creepy. The titantron actually featured clips form that and it absolutely killed me. There’s no way Golden Truth will ever be a serious team.

Breezdango is terrible name but I can see why they didn’t want to go with Fabreeze.

We waited 5 months to see Golden Truth get together and lose, causing them to almost break up. I’m sick and tired of their soap opera issues.

The only good thing about this ridiculous feud is that Breeze is actually getting some screen time and he isn’t jobbing…just yet.

New Day

The New Day decided to mock the Vaudevillains with a cardboard time machine. It’s funny that it sounds plausible that Xavier Woods actually built that thing himself.

Gotch and English not only ambushed the New Day, but they also came on top, despite the numbers. It’s smart form the WWE to make the Vaudevillaisn look strong. They desperately need that to get over as credible heels on the main roster.

The Usos def. Anderson & Gallows

Reigns and Styles were announced to be in their friends’ corner but had less involvement in this match than when they are not supposed to be there.

The Usos won, making the Club look weak again. Anderson and Gallows could have been unstoppable and the crowd would have bought it but the WWE decided to have them job to the Usos, who no one cares about anymore. Talk about bad booking decisions!

AJ Styles FINALLY ended up getting the better of Reigns. It was getting absolutely ridiculous to see Reigns stand tall every single time. Sadly, that small victory will probably be just a one-off thing.

Big Cass def. D-Von Dudley

Big Cass defeated D-Von in a match that lasted whole 2min or less. If it was going to be that much of a squash, why was it even on the card?

Del Rio def. Kalisto

Del Rio and Kalisto have a good chemistry in the ring. Despite not having a storyline, they always make good matches together. It’s a shame that Del Rio doesn’t get to do anything at the moment.

Rusev beating Sin Cara, costing Kalisto the match and then brutally assaulting Kalisto was brilliant. The Bulgarian Brute demonstrated that he still has it. He deserves a good run with the US title, so keep Cena away from him!

Contract Signing

Hearing Ric Flair talk is just sad. He mumbles so much it feels like his dentures are falling off. Which, by the way, makes it that much creepier to watch Camp WWE where all his lines are overly sexual.

The segment fell flat. Charlotte and Natalya both sounded fake on the mic and Shane and Stephanie’s awkward dynamic didn’t really help the situation.

Ric Flair’s terrible overselling when Stephanie slapped him was yet another bad acting moment in the exchange.

Overall, this was one rubbish contract signing and this feud needs to come to an end at Extreme Rules.


What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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