WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 26/05/2016

The WWE’s on fire on the way to Money in the Bank. The lineup for the all-important MITB match is still in flux and so the tension spilled over to SmackDown. Let’s see what the night had to bring. Let’s talk SmackDown!

MITB Roundup

Kevin Owens was angry. He came out bursting with rage. That intensity makes him a great champ.

Sami Zayn apparently has decided to toughen up, as well. He wasn’t all that nice to Ambrose, trying to prove that he’s worthy of being in the match.

And as for Ambrose, it was nice to see him attack Sami, despite Sami having spared him intentionally. It shows that jokes aside, Ambrose is capable of turning on anybody.

I’m happy to see Del Rio thrown into the mix. He needs something to do and a bit of spotlight won’t hurt.

Del Rio def. Zack Ryder

It was to be expected that Del Rio was going to win. Ryder had one shocking victory at a big event. No one would buy the idea of him, winning another one. Ryder is done.

Del Rio’s stomp finisher is ridiculous. It takes too long and the opponent must pretend to be stuck on the ropes forever. That makes the whole thing look absurd.

Enzo & Cass/ Dudley Boyz

Enzo and Cass still are occupied with the Dudleyz. This feud is simply filling in the time while The New Day are busy with the Vaduevillains.

Enzo might be the best trash talker in the WWE at the moment. He has pure talent. I admit, I could never come up with the things Enzo says.

Rusev def. Kalisto

This match might have been better than their fight at Extreme Rules. Kalisto looked much more determined and he delivered some interesting offensive.

Kalisto, trying to pick up Rusev was so ridiculous it made me laugh but when he actually succeeded, Rusev’s face made me laugh again. Speaking of Rusev’s expressions, they made the match. Rusev knows how to transmit emotions.

It’s bizarre how quickly the crowd turned back to the USA chants, as soon as someone stepped up to Rusev. Also, it’s almost surreal to see Titus back in a championship feud. Although I doubt he’ll win it.

Natalya def. Dana Brooke /via DQ/

Siding with Charlotte is a bad move for Dana Brooke. She’s never been as faceless as she is now. Her match was barely a match and she needed Charlotte straight away.

Dana had the chance to make a name for herself but now she’s just a sidekick to a much more overshadowing persona than Emma.

Breezedango def. Golden Truth

There finally was some wrestling in this storyline…for about 2 minutes in total. The whole match fell apart for the Golden Truth as Fandango and Breezr actually did some team work.

I don’t understand why we still need to watch Truth and Goldust bicker. It’s pointless. Either be a team, or not.

On a side note, Fandango’s laughter is infectious.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins came out, trolled the audience and then left. Brilliant!

Seth has no problems being a heel. However, the fans hate Roman too much to turn on Seth in a match.

The Miz def .Cesaro

It’s impressive how much stuff these two managed to stuff in 10 min run time. The whole turnbuckle saga and Miz walking out, even some wrestling, believe it or not!

The ref was made to look terribly incompetent as it took him ages to put that cushioning back on, while it took Miz seconds to strip it off once again at the end of the match.

Miz winning as a cheap cheater is typically in character. The thing is, it always leaves the door open for his opponents to come asking for another rematch.


What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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