WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 30/05/2016

The Memorial Day edition of RAW gave us not only the return of John Cena, but also surprised us with a twist in The Club’s fate. Emotions were running high, as the MITB feuds shaped up to produce an entertaining episode of the show. Let’s talk RAW!

Stephanie/Shane/New Day

The New Day came out to address a number of issues, concerning the upcoming brand split. Some of those we had already thought of and some were new.

Who’s going where and which title’s going to which show are both obvious questions that the WWE fans already asked. However, the conversation between the Tag Team Champs and the McMahons pointed out another possibility that had eluded most writers – teams could potentially be split up for dramatic purposes.

I wonder why the WWE would draw attention to this scenario, if they don’t have anything planned. I can’t picture what break up would be significantly beneficial but something must be in the talks for this segment to even make it on the show.

The Vaudevillains vs. The New Day

Gallows and Anderson raided the match and took down the New Day. That was a good boost for Anderson and Gallows. After the disastrous rivalry with the Usos and Reigns that they encountered, these two desperately needed the boost.

However, this segment hurt the Vaduevillains. Gotch and English felt like second rate heels. They took no momentum out of this and simply weaseled their way out, as soon as a possible confrontation with Gallows and Anderson appeared on the cards.

The WWE has to do better if they don’t want the Vaudevillains to end up as irrelevant as the Ascension.

The Usos def. Breezango

The Usos obviously defeated Breezango. It would have been much more fun if Breeze and Fandango had managed to pull an upset victory. The WWE seriously needs to experiment a bit more. Breezango could get over in a weird way.

I wonder if I’ve ever seen Truth and Goldust looking that badass. Truth came out swinging like a brutal street fighter and Goldust pulled out a picture perfect scoop slam. For a second there it looked like these two could be getting a push. Although, in reality, it sounds highly unlikely.


Regins was about to put the crowd to sleep with yet another boring promo when Rollins appeared. Then Seth proceeded to troll the audience for over 10 min and then leave.

Rollins is a good heel. Annoying, but effective. However, regardless the amount of boos he might accumulate, in a match, he’s always going to get cheered. His style calls for it. The WWE was stupid to bring Rollins back as a heel.

I understand why the WWE’s not allowing Rollins to wrestle yet. The longer they wait, the more anticipation builds up. In fact, Reigns and Rollins should not get their hands on each other until MITB. That would hype the eventual clash.

Rusev def. Ryder

Ryder stood no chance and Rusev nearly broke him in two. Expectedly, Titus O’Neil showed up and rode the wave of Memorial Day into popularity. It was a cheap move but it worked.

I guess it’s better to have Titus play a patriotic role in a somewhat balanced feud with Rusev, rather than have Cena debut and destroy the US champ on his first day back at work.

Enzo and Cass def. The Dudley Boyz

The prematch promo wasn’t as good as it usually is. The crowd didn’t get as involved. I guess everyone has their off days.  Then again, if everyone was as good on their off day as Enzo is,  then the business would flourish.

The Dudley Boyz lost again. I wonder why this feud is still going. Enzo and Cass should move on already.

John Cena Return

John Cena, his patriotism and his “the future goes through me” stance are back. What looks interesting is that AJ Styles actually fully turned and is now leading The Club into decimating Cena.

The only problem with this scenario is that The Club goes from jobbing to Roman Reigns, to jobbing to John Cena. If Reigns almost killed their momentum, Cena definitely will.

Dana Brooke def. Natalya

After a good amount of Charlotte involvement, Dana Brooke won. The match was awkward and the girls seemed to struggle in the end. Overall, it was a weak effort that didn’t last very long. Anyway, the match itself wasn’t important. It was all to get Becky Lynch involved.

However, no matter how you look at it, Charlotte still remains the top diva. Nattie has close to no credibility, since her momentum was sacrificed to Dana Brooke. Dana, on the other hand, is built to be nothing but a sidekick and Becky, Becky is there only because she’s nowhere else.

I don’t see the Women’s Championship changing hands at MITB because the WWE won’t even bother creating a rivalry for it. Charlotte will carry the gold into the new era of the brand split.

Baron Corbin def. Dolph Ziggler /via DQ/

First of all, a good promo by Ziggler actually made it on TV, which was a good start.Then, I was starting to wonder what kind of a ridiculousness I’m about to watch when Dolph put on that helmet. But then, as soon as Ziggler kicked Corbin right in the nuts, I knew it was going to be good.

There might have been no match but there was a show of character. If this feud is still continuing ,then it needs the animosity. Ziggler had to show that he had teeth too ant that he wasn’t scared of getting his hands dirty, if necessary.

Ambrose, Zayn & Cesaro def. Jericho, Owens & Del Rio

From the backstage segments we already knew that the heels were going to lose. When it starts with that much arguing in the locker room, it never ends well in the ring.

Ambrose not only got the win, but he was also presented as the top face in the feud. He was left to be the hot tag and he seemed to take everyone out with ease. Logically, it makes most sense to give him the briefcase anyway, teasing a Shield feud, with no alliances.

When it comes to wrestling, the match was great. Sami Zayn, having taken a prolonged beating and turning things around with no other technique but the blue Thunder Bomb was simply amazing. Also, the last exchange before the end of the match just flowed perfectly. In general, this makes the MITB match look even more promising.


What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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